“I inherited a thermal sieve that hadn’t been sold for five years, and will be unrentable from next year”

Pieces of countryside. In September 2021, The world launched “Fragments of France”, an unprecedented portrait of the country through more than a hundred reports. Two weeks before the presidential election, the editorial team is once again mobilizing with “Fragments de campagne”. Through a weekly live, reports, chats…, we address these subjects which seem to us both essential but also ignored in political debates. Youth, public services, environment, old age… Since March 2 and until the first round, scheduled for April 10, holds a special day every week. On the menu today: the place where we choose to live.

How do you live? During the presidential campaign, The world is interested in where one chooses or not to live. Is being an owner an end in itself? Are we doomed to remain a tenant? Is living in the city a luxury? Throughout this special day, do not hesitate to send us your testimonies on your place of life, your hopes, your fears, your expectations in the perspective of the presidential election…

In the program

We’ll talk all day housing and inequalities of access in the territories. You can also ask your questions to our special speakers during two chats:

10:30 a.m. : Jean-Claude Driantprofessor at the Paris School of Urbanism and housing specialist, will answer your questions about housing policies, the social rental stock and the functioning of real estate markets.

4 p.m.: Simon Cortevilleresponsible for energy renovation and social policies at ANAH (the National Housing Agency), will speak on the subject of renovating their home.

Throughout this special day, illustrator Gabrielle Piquet is also our guest! She will draw your testimonies and the topics covered in this live.

For further :

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