"If the cancer doesn't kill you, the treatments kill you"

Spiriman was always used to dealing with controversy since he became known as a champion of the fight for public health. When he was diagnosed with cancer, his words about the treatments and methods of care also came under criticism. It didn't match the systems used by doctors.

It was in the late summer of 2020 when his life changed forever, he was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. The professionals who treated him already warned him that there was no chance of saving himself.

This led him to withdraw from public life and focus entirely on the disease. At the time he had been given only three months to live, but after a short time Spiriman announced a miraculous recovery that would eventually lead to a relapse.

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  1. His determined fight against cancer is on the minds of many
  2. His attitude towards such aggressive cancer treatments
  3. Spiriman launched a support unit for the sick

His determined fight against cancer is on the minds of many

Despite the severity of the cancer, he tried to focus his efforts on the Oncology Patient Support Unit. He was in charge of directing this project based on a series of strategies to fight the disease. Among other things, he put a lot of emphasis on physiotherapy, physical strength and the mind.

In an interview he gave a few months ago to The Spanish he pointed out that "I am living the things that I have always attended to and that I have read in books". His day-to-day life was very calm, without major scares.

After spending a night in the UVI, he noted that he was "fine", but everything is "hard". Despite being a defender of public health, he decided to intervene for lung cancer in a private center.

The Granada doctor Jesús Candel has announced a relapse of cancer

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His attitude towards such aggressive cancer treatments

Spiriman had said that "there is a lot of talk about advances in the treatment of cancer". Nevertheless, in the end "we continue to treat ourselves with drugs from the 70s or 80s", which were "very aggressive" for people. He considered that they are "a barbarity". In his opinion, "if the cancer doesn't kill you, the treatments kill you", he warned that "either you are extremely strong to withstand it or they kick your ass".

He always pointed out that to combat the disease there were a series of keys, among them "having the body, the mind and the diet taken care of". If necessary, he devoted three hours a day to physical exercise every day.

He was opposed to entrusting everything to drugs, he found that "public health care lacks many treatments that do not come from the pharmaceutical industry". He points out that there are many professionals who mention "the importance of the intestinal microbiota, because it is science".

Image of 'Spiriman' in the hospital receiving a chemotherapy session


He also wondered why there were no physical trainers in public health. "This will never be invested in. If you don't invest in what is basic...", he pointed out.

Spiriman launched a support unit for the sick

I knew the case was not unique. That's why, since he was diagnosed with cancer, he focused on setting up the Oncology Patient Support Unit. He created it in Granada, but people traveled there from all over the country: "People come from the canariesA Coruña, Madrid".

He warned that any citizen could carry out this type of project in his place of origin. "You just have to find the people who will provide the necessary capital to pay the professionals and find the place." Of course, they presented serious problems to give them space, he complained.

Spiriman was very grateful for the support he received and wanted to remember one of the cleaners at the hospital in Granada. He explained that with the salary "he bought a gym machine and took it there". He added that "he has eggs, that he has left the salary of the month" with the aim of helping others.

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