Ikea announces that it will open 12 new stores in Catalonia

Ikea Bet for Catalonia. The latest announcement by the Swedish firm is a clear example: they plan to hire 340 people and open 12 stores in Catalonia in the next two years.
The Nordic multinational has announced that it plans to hire 340 workers in Catalonia in the next two years, 18.2% of those it will have by the end of 2022 (1,861).

As explained by the Swedish multinational furniture company in a statement, the expansion of the workforce is explained by the opening of 12 new smaller stores (beyond the large areas it already has in commercial areas on the periphery), from so it needs new staff.

Image of one of the IKEA Disseyna stores in Catalonia

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  1. Ikea remains in the dark
  2. Nestlé, the cross

Ikea remains in the dark

This is a strategy that in the State as a whole envisages opening 90 establishments and creating 1,500 new jobs.

the moment, Ikea has not detailed the location of these new points of sale. All in all, the Swedish company estimates that in 2024 it will have a workforce of 11,230 people in the State (currently it has 9,765).

In a statement released this Thursday, Ikea he has also given figures of his business. In the State as a whole, the multinational assures that accumulated sales in its last fiscal year amounted to 1,820 million euros, 8.2% more than in the previous year.

Online turnover rose to 406 million euros, 22% of the total. In Catalonia alone, the multinational invoiced 417.2 MEUR, 19% more than the previous year.

Nestlé, the cross

On the other side of the coin we have Nestlé. The firm proposes to relocate the 42 permanent employees of the decaffeinated coffee line that is closing in the factory of Girona. This Friday, management met with the works committee and offered to keep their jobs by reducing the wages of 25 workers.

The president of the committee, Lluís Parra, says that they have left "many disappointed" with the conditions, which do not include any early retirement or keep holidays fixed on specified dates. In addition, Parra has assured that they will continue to exert pressure to stop the relocation. "At all meetings we will ask that the decaffeinated line not be relocated, this is our ultimate goal."

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The company plans to move decaffeinated production to Vietnam on January 31 next year.

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