In Afghanistan, middle and high school girls deprived of education by the Taliban

Two Afghan schoolgirls study at their home in Kandahar on March 20, 2022.

While the war in Ukraine vampirizes most of the media space, the Taliban seem to have taken the opportunity to take a decision that goes against the promises they made a few months ago: the Afghan Ministry of education suddenly announced on Wednesday March 23 that girls’ secondary schools would be closed until further notice “. Pretext: we have to wait for measures to be found “compatible” with Islamic law.

The decision took everyone by surprise, although the Taliban’s hostility to the education of teenage girls is obviously no surprise. But the latter had declared that schools for girls, from the Afghan equivalent of the 6and, would reopen on Wednesday. A spokesperson for the ministry even went so far as to broadcast a video on Tuesday welcoming the presence in the school system of ” all the students “.

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The reopening will therefore have been short-lived, since a few hours after the start of classes, the teachers had to announce the closure of the establishments to their students, who were firmly asked to return home.

comrades in tears

Farkhunda, 13, who lives in west Kabul, was so excited to return to school that she had an all-nighter the day before her school reopened. She had bought new notebooks and all the textbooks for the new school year. Wednesday morning, when she arrived at school, she understood the Taliban’s decision when she saw her classmates in tears. She too immediately burst into tears. “We went to the staff room, but they told us to go homeshe says on the phone from Kabul. All I want is to study, to become a politician, an MP. »

His father, Muhammad, a former employee of the Ministry of Education under the regime of ex-President Ashraf Ghani, overthrown by the Taliban, is thinking of leaving the country. “Before the fall of Kabul, I traveled to Europe and the United States for work. The idea of ​​staying in these countries never crossed my mind, so much I had hope for Afghanistan and so much I wanted to be useful for my country.he explains. But today, nothing is more important to me than my daughter being able to continue her studies. »

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Kabul’s new masters, who seized the capital in August 2021, said in September that secondary schools for girls would reopen after the full recovery of ” Security “ in the streets. They later promised that female students could return to classrooms in March.

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