in Boutcha, bodies lying in a street discovered after the liberation of the city

About twenty bodies were discovered in this street of Boutcha (Ukraine), on April 2, 2022.

Macabre scenes in a city devastated by fighting. The bodies of at least twenty men wearing civilian clothes lay on Saturday, April 2, in a street in Boutcha, north-west of kyiv, which Ukrainian soldiers have just taken back from Russian forces, a journalist from the scene noted. ‘France Media Agency.

One of the men had his hands tied and the bodies were strewn for several hundred yards. The cause of their death could not be determined immediately, but one person had a large head wound.

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In recent days, Russian forces have withdrawn from several localities near the capital after the failure of their encirclement attempt. Ukraine announced that Butcha had been “liberated”but this city has been devastated by the fighting: there can be gaping holes caused by shells in apartment buildings and many carcasses.

“We have already buried 280 people”

Sixteen of the twenty corpses discovered were on the sidewalk or on the curb. Three were in the middle of the road and another in the courtyard of a house. An open Ukrainian passport lay on the ground next to the person who had his hands tied behind his back with a piece of white cloth.

All of the dead men were wearing winter coats, jackets or tracksuit tops, jeans or jogging bottoms, and sneakers or boots. Two of them were lying next to bicycles, another next to an abandoned car. Some were lying on their backs, while others were on their stomachs. The skin on the faces looked waxy, suggesting that the corpses had been there for at least several days.

Twenty bodies were discovered over several hundred meters on this street in Boutcha, Ukraine, on April 2, 2022.

Hundreds of deaths have been recorded in the city, according to its mayor Anatoly Fedorouk. “In Boutcha, we have already buried 280 people in mass graves”because it was impossible to do so in the three cemeteries of the municipality, all within firing range of the Russian soldiers, Mr. Fedorouk told AFP. “All these people were shot (…). [Les Russes] killed them with a bullet in the neck. » He added that among the inhabitants of his city who perished, there are “men and women of all ages”, “what shocked me the most was a boy aged maybe 14”.

“In some streets, we see fifteen to twenty corpses on the ground”corn “I can’t say how many there are still in the courtyards, behind the palisades”continued the mayor. “As long as the deminers have not come to check them, it is not recommended to pick them up” because they can be trapped, he further said. “These are the consequences of the Russian occupation, of the actions” of the enemy.

Mine clearance operations were still underway there on Saturday, emergency services said, saying more than 640 explosive devices have been disabled there since it fell into Ukrainian hands.

According to the mayor of Boutcha, some residents “tried to go through the [rivière] Boutchanka to win the territory » under Ukrainian control. Ukrainian forces were only able to fully penetrate Boutcha a day or two ago, which had been inaccessible for nearly a month. The Ukrainian soldiers present distributed aid to the population for the first time since this city returned to government control.

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