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In Calais, Gérald Darmanin continues his offensive against Marine Le Pen

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin during a meeting in support of Emmanuel Macron in Marseille on March 12, 2022.

Gérald Darmanin did not just come to do “retype”, he said. Five days before the first round of the presidential election, this Tuesday, April 5, in Calais (Pas-de-Calais), the Minister of the Interior came to type.

In front of a little over a hundred people present at a public meeting in support of Emmanuel Macron, candidate for his re-election as head of state, the former Sarkozyist insists: “The timing is important. » “The president is going to have to lead a major world power that has nuclear weapons.he said, there are many demagogues. »

The current tenant of the Elysée remains the favorite in the polls, but the dynamic is worrying. Voting intentions for the outgoing president are eroding week after week while that of his opponent, Marine Le Pen, is progressing. The gap is narrowing to the point of pointing to a possible victory for the representative of the far right that Emmanuel Macron could face in the second round.

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In the municipal hall of Minck which, in a not so old time served as a vaccinodrome, Natacha Bouchart, the mayor of the city, former member of the Les Républicains (LR) party recently rallied to Emmanuel Macron, says it bluntly: “I refuse to give up both my country and my city to Marine Le Pen. » Sign that the probability, without being high, is not quite zero.

Gérald Darmanin said so on March 25 on France 5. “Marine Le Pen is dangerous, she can win the election. » Within the Macronie everyone agrees. Jean-Marie Le Pen’s daughter has long been underestimated. The one who, during the inter-round debate against Emmanuel Macron in 2017, was imprecise, aggressive and frightening, is no longer the same. His image softened. The candidate has erased her rough edges to the point of appearing presidential. Facing her, it is no longer so easy to win. “We hit but nothing bites. We would need a big cartridge that we don’t have.”laments a close friend of the head of state.

Macron caught in his own trap

“We are in a collapse of consciences… I have never forgotten this sentence of Blum, at the beginning of the war: “I suddenly saw the spirits dissolve”. When I listen to certain debates, that’s what I hear, a form of dissolution of consciences “the Head of State was indignant in an interview with the regional dailies of the Ebra group, including Republican East, released April 4.

Helped by the excesses of Eric Zemmour, candidate of the Reconquest party! who claims that Marshal Pétain saved the French Jews and defends the xenophobic theory of the “great replacement”, the representative of the National Rally (RN) has become commonplace.

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