in Mariupol, those who remain mourn their destroyed city

“I don’t want to leave Mariupol, but we can’t live anywhere here,” notes Valentina bitterly, wiping away her tears. His apartment, like so many others in this city in southern Ukraine, was devastated by Russian strikes. Emotion overcomes her when she sees the extent of the damage inflicted on her city.

Few of the inhabitants of Mariupol venture into the streets, which are covered in rubble. The Ukrainian presidency has released an alarming report: at least 5,000 people have died there since the start of the war. With difficulty and not without risk, many civilians fled the strikes and street fighting. “I saw dead bodies lying around the city”remembers Sergei, who took refuge with his family in Zaporijia, a few hundred kilometers away.

For others, staying is a moral obligation. “We must rebuild” the city, explains Alexander, who is standing in front of his partially destroyed building. “Who will do it, if not us? »he wonders, tears in his eyes.

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