In Marseille, teachers ask for an emergency plan for colleges

The movement started slowly on March 14, on the initiative of teachers from three colleges in the north of Marseille classified as a priority education network (REP). Since then, the mobilization has spread and has been rallied by some fifteen establishments which, for one day each, took their turn in an unprecedented process of “chain strike”.

Tuesday, March 29, for the first unitary day of the movement, nearly one hundred and fifty teachers, some of whom came from surrounding towns, marched through the center of Marseille, this time at the call of an inter-union bringing together the CGT, SUD-Education and the CNT. The procession also welcomed representatives of the MPE 13, the main association of parents of pupils in the department, college supervisors (ADE), some high school teachers and was supported by the SNES-FSU, as well as FO.

All call for the establishment of a ” emergency plan “ for establishments in Bouches-du-Rhône, and compensation for a loss of overall hourly staffing which they estimate at 1,900 hours over the period 2018-2022, i.e. the equivalent of 105 full-time positions. Figures that the direction of the departmental services of national education, which received, Tuesday, an intercollege delegation, does not comment.

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In a city, Marseille, which President Emmanuel Macron has chosen to be one of his laboratories for educational policy, in particular by granting funding of 410 million euros for the renovation of primary schools and 2.5 million euros of educational credit for the projects of the Schools Innovation plan, the demand takes on a very particular echo.

“A Santa Claus effect”

Member of the board of directors of this college of the very impoverished 3and district of Marseille, Bruno Mathieu estimates that sixty-six hours of teaching per week have been lost by his establishment over the past four years. A deficit which results in particular, explains his colleague Marine Di Renzo, in “stopping duplication of language classes or educational projects such as heritage, media or theater classes in English”. “With the Schools Innovation plan, we have the impression of a Santa Claus effect. The means fall without coherence with the situation of the establishments. We don’t ask for money, we want hours of teaching,” continues this striking English teacher.

“There is a huge breakage, a lot of stalls”

At the beginning of 2020, a mobilization of teachers from Marseille colleges had already highlighted the same issues. The first confinement had stopped her dead. Two years later, the claims are further amplified by the effect of the pandemic. “Our students need reinforced supervision all the more because they have lost the codes of behavior and school rhythms. There is a huge breakage, a lot of stalls, ” notes, annoyed, Bruno Mathieu.

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