Isa Pantoja confesses the breakup and admits that she doesn't want to know anything more about him

A Pantoja he has again given a forceful answer, and more decisive than ever, to his brother Kiko Rivera. the daughter ofIsabel Pantoja she is a woman who has things clear and has made it clear to DJ that not one more will happen to her. In fact, their relationship, which had already been strained for months due to controversial statements by Kiko Rivera about the years of Isa's youth. Now it's totally broken.

Kiko's last words in which he stated that he "didn't want to know anything more about the young woman and that he doesn't want to see her even ten meters away" were the final straw. The fact is that the collaborator of Ana Rosa's program he hit the table and spoke more clearly than on any other occasion about the media DJ.

  1. Isa Pantoja breaks all relations with his brother Kiko
  2. The Telecinco collaborator harder than ever against the DJ
  3. Isa fears that it will harm each other when she makes peace with her mother

Isa Pantoja breaks all relations with his brother Kiko

The truth is that the girl started her speech strong in the morning and gradually increased her tone as she attacked her brother. First, he said that his relative "is someone despicable" who has no affection for the Peruvian woman. And that "his life will not go well at all" with this attitude he is showing.

"They take him in again and again out of pity, but if he continues like this he will end up alone." This is how Isa warned his brother in a morning that he gave a lot of himself to the set of telecinc. And what Kiko has done with her in recent months has hurt her too much. Although she is forceful in her conditions and in her firm decision about him, she believes that her mother will finally forgive her for all the bad things she has said about her.

The Telecinco collaborator harder than ever against the DJ

"My mother will forgive my brother for everything he has said about her The Poisoned Inheritance and the exclusive ones. He will do it because she is going through a very complicated time in her life. And this will be an influence when it comes to forgiving him", lamented Isa.

The tertuliana believes that her uncle Agustín, with whom she has not spoken for a long time, will also forgive Kiko sooner or later. He was another victim of the son of the tonadillerabut Isa thinks that the blood will not reach the river with Agustí.

Isa doesn't trust one bit of what will happen after the forgiveness that he points to as predictable. It is clear that, when Kiko Rivera i Isabel Pantoja make peace, the DJ will continue to attack the girl again. Thus, he hopes that he will damage everything he can to break the good relationship that mother and daughter currently maintain.

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Isa fears that it will harm each other when she makes peace with her mother

Isa knows that the family crisis with her brother has only just begun and we still have many chapters left in Kiko's crusade against her little sister.

A Pantoja he replied forcefully to Kiko after his brother's latest exclusive for the magazine conferences. An interview in which Paquirri's son is very forceful with Isa: "He didn't defend me in one of the worst moments of my life."

The DJ sees with good eyes getting closer to his mother after the complicated times he has lived through, but he is firm in his point of view against the Peruvian. "I don't want her even ten meters away", was the sentence that hurt her sister Isa the most.

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