Isabel Preysler receives a letter and assumes that he wants to break up because he doesn't love her

Isabel Preysler is experiencing a storm in her family nucleus. Since what happened with Iñigo Onieva, the problems have not stopped. Now, they have received a very devastating letter. Jorge Javier Vazquez seems to have declared war on Tamara Falcó. A few weeks ago, the Marquise de Griñón was heading to Mexico for the 14th edition of the World Congress of Families, an ultra-Catholic event. There he made some controversial statements.

"We are living through a very complicated time for humanity where there are so many types of sexualities and places where you can exercise evil. I think that in other generations it wasn't so obvious or it wasn't so well seen." Faced with these words, the LGTB+ community did not take long to respond. And the presenter of save me who has sent a letter to Isabel Preysler's house.

In the missive, the presenter addresses Tamara Falcó. Just as his popularity soared, so did the message he sent. And this is how Jorge Javier began his letter: "To all those people in your team who have not questioned the debauchery of Mexico, fire them, because it means that they are not learning anything. They are doing their job worse than bad."

Photomontage by Juan Avellaneda and Boris Izaguirre.

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The communicator encouraged the friends of Isabel Preysler's daughter to speak out: Boris Izaguirre and Juan Avellaneda. Both are married to men and openly live their sexual orientation. The first spoke, but the second remained silent. "Tamara: more Izaguirres and less Avellanedas", recommended Jorge Javier in the letter.

He is not the only one who has indicated in this letter. He is very clear that Isabel Preysler's daughter must take the initiative to regain the sympathy she has lost. Tamara, "whose main asset is her apparent naivety", has to make a change.

Isabel Preysler worried about her daughter

In a recent event, the Filipino 'socialite' commented on the condition of her daughter Tamara. He assured that the young woman is "very well, wonderfully". She hasn't gone into much detail, but it seems her daughter's life is slowly getting back to normal after all the media hype. "What is a relief is that she is calm and, well, that is a relief," he said.

Close-up of Tamara Falcó


His daughter had to give explanations for those controversial words. He did it in the program where he collaborates, The Anteater, where he said his words had been misinterpreted. "For me this is particularly difficult because it is taken out of context. Anyone who wants to see the video, which is about nine minutes long, is on mine Instagram. I don't even want to mention the person I was talking about. I was doing it about my ex (Íñigo Onieva) in question. Since it was a family thing, I explained the reasons why I thought that, nowadays, I couldn't have a family with him,» he said.

He ended by apologizing to everyone who might have felt bad about it. "Really, if any group has been affected by this, as has been the case, as my friends have told me, who have been attacked, I apologize because it is not true."

Isabel Preysler remains attentive to everything that happens to her children. When this breakup happened, the 'socialite' did not hesitate to open the doors of her home to her daughter.

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