Jean Lassalle wants to put France “on leave” from European directives on biodiversity

At the great oral of the FNSEA, Eric Zemmour wants farmers to “hear their voice” in a “more open market”

Eric Zemmour spoke to the representatives of farmers gathered in Besançon about his measures for the agricultural world.

“Your way of life is the most beautiful, he boasted, and yet, the State has made your lives the hardest possible. He bullied you, lied to you, manipulated you. He made you a thousand unfulfillable promises. He betrayed you. He has sometimes impoverished you to the point of despair and to the suicide of so many of you. »

denouncing “Parisian arrogance” and “European ideology”, the Reconquest candidate! commended the operators for having “Hold on, straight and dignified, without going on strike, without breaking windows, without burning cars”.

“I want to place you at the forefront of French concerns”, he continued, in particular by ending the “regrouping of central purchasing bodies” so that “These cartels are giving way to a more open market where farmers can make their voices heard”.

The candidate also said that he would like, “out of ecological and economic interest, that we stop signing free trade agreements with the whole world”. On the grounds, according to him, that “other countries do not have our standards and often produce in deplorable conditions while exporting massively to France, creating the conditions for unfair competition that is impossible for you to live with”.

Mr. Zemmour intends to exempt from gift and inheritance tax any family transmission of a farm. He also intends to relaunch “massively” apprenticeship, and increase the young farmer endowment in order to promote their installation “in sound financial conditions”.

Regarding the security of the countryside, finally, the candidate said he wanted to protect farmers from “gangs” and “mafias” who “are among you with their networks of burglars, thieves of metals, agricultural equipment and fuel”.

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