Jean-Luc Mélenchon called on voters to their “moral responsibility” and “choice of society”, as the first round of the presidential election approaches

Jean-Luc Mélenchon during his speech on the Place de la République, at the end of the

It was a demonstration of force which was intended to galvanize the troops and to convince the undecided to come and form with him a “people’s union front”. At the end of his “march for the VIand Republic”, on Sunday March 20, the candidate of La France insoumise (LFI) for the presidential election in April, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, thus proposed to the “French people to rebuild themselves” thanks to his social project, in front of several tens of thousands of people gathered on the Place de la République, in Paris. The organizers advance the number of 100,000 participants.

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Twenty-one days before the first round, the “rebellious” candidate slipped into the clothes of the main opponent of the outgoing President of the Republic, while he is given third or fourth position in the voting projections. He wanted to convince that the ballot paper ” effective “ on the left would bear his name at the polls on 10 and 24 April next.

A call for the “moral responsibility” of voters

This march of the LFI candidate, from Place de la Bastille to Place de la République, in Paris, in line with those carried out in 2012 and 2017, was to help strengthen the candidacy of the tribune of the radical left. While the threshold for access to the second round seems to be lowering, Mr. Mélenchon believes that he is not very far from a second round, which had however escaped him in 2017 when he came fourth with 19.58% of the votes cast.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon therefore spoke of the “moral responsibility” left-wing voters. “Don’t hide behind differences between leaders, it’s you who makes the decision, don’t hide! »he chanted.

Crowd of supporters gathered at Place de la République, in Paris, to listen to the speech of Mr. Mélenchon, candidate of La France insoumise, at the end of

“By choosing the popular union in the first round, you are making a social choice. Yes, this vote is a social referendum, you have been warned! », claimed Jean-Luc Mélenchon, also addressing the abstainers who could change his electoral fate.

The defense of a social project in the face of Mr. Macron’s record

The voters’ choice of society must be made in particular in the face of Emmanuel Macron’s project. By way of example, to mark his profound difference with the outgoing President, Mr. Mélenchon defended retirement at age 60, against the threshold of 65 years defended by the Head of State, or even his vision of public school.

The leader of the “rebellious” also vilified certain measures of Mr. Macron’s five-year term, such as the “twenty-two laws affecting freedoms” or “the destruction of the labor code from 2017”.

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He also pleaded for several measures “social emergency” such as the blocking of the prices of basic necessities, the rise in the minimum wage to 1,400 euros net and free public transport during the current period of inflation.

“Here comes the hour of the Sixth Republic”

His intervention was obviously an opportunity for him to return to the constitutional reform project that he intends to carry out once in power. “The time has come for the VIand Republic. This will be the work of a constituent assembly and not of a small committee of experts.made of ” people who will never have been elected”he explained.

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“It’s the writing of another rule of the game, an incentive to reinvest in the life of the country”said the “rebellious”, believing that it was “the opportunity to advance two ideas: both the stability of the institutions and the possibility for the people to intervene permanently, thanks to the citizens’ initiative referendum and the recall referendum”.

Compared to 1958 and the beginning of the Vand Republic, “it’s another French people who are there”more “urban”, “connected”, “a people proud and happy to be already creolized”assured the deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône to justify the need, according to him, for this reform.

In front of the press, at the beginning of the afternoon, Mr. Mélenchon had said: “There is something in the air”, “the second round is at hand”.


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