Jean-Marc Ayrault supports Anne Hidalgo, Marine Le Pen demonstrates the “most absolute demagoguery” according to Jean Castex: live political news

Jean-Marc Ayrault assures Anne Hidalgo of his support

Former Socialist Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault showed his support on Friday in Nantes “total” to the candidate of the Socialist Party (PS) Anne Hidalgo, welcoming “His courage and determination” in this “difficult campaign”where she is credited with about 2% of voting intentions in the polls. “Anne I would like to tell you my esteem, my friendship and all my support because it is a difficult campaign, no one will deny it”said the former mayor of Nantes, during a press briefing with the candidate, on the move to Loire-Atlantique.

Also in the presence of the current mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland, campaign director for Anne Hidalgo, Jean-Marc Ayrault stressed that the candidate was leading her campaign “with absolutely extraordinary courage and determination, and with a fidelity to the convictions of the left and of the socialists that I would like to salute”he explained. “I totally support her”, he insisted. Asked whether the PS could disappear, Mr. Ayrault estimated that“a party is one thing, but the left will not disappear”.

“I am convinced that the values ​​of the left, which are deep, rooted, are the ones that are on the agenda today”, he said, citing social justice, solidarity and the fight against discrimination and all forms of inequality. But he admitted that “the response from political organizations is wrong, this campaign showed it from all parties, including the PS”. “We know very well that after this presidential election, there will be a need to rebuild a political offer on the left, it is the work of a new generation”he judged.

“Jean-Marc Ayrault embodies this socialism which transforms the reality of our fellow citizens”greeted Anne Hidalgo, who has also recently garnered the support of ex-president François Hollande, ex-Prime Minister Lionel Jospin or ex-first secretary of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadelis.

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