Joan Carles and Sofia in shock after what happened with Letícia's youngest daughter

On October 12, Hispanic Day was celebrated and, as expected, the kings alongside the Infanta Sofia would make an appearance. However, infanta Elionor did not attend, as she is studying in Wales.

However, the presence of the royal family at the event was not without controversy, there was a detail that raised all possible speculations. As usual, Letícia's style and her way of understanding fashion is always in the focus of the media, but this time, it has been the look at of the infanta Sofia, which has unleashed all kinds of comments, which will have left her grandparents, Joan Carles and Sofia, very surprised.

Image of Princess Eleonor and Infanta Sofia.


  1. Infanta Sofia and her last public appearance
  2. Infanta Sofia and the look at more commented

Infanta Sofia and her last public appearance

For years, Queen Letícia has grabbed a lot of headlines for her boldness when it comes to wearing certain pieces. Although it is common to see her wearing clothes from well-respected brands, Letícia is also passionate about the fast fashionthat is to say, of those brands that are available to everyone.

The two girls are at a crucial age, they are in full adolescence and when they reach that age is when they start to awaken many interests, among them fashion. For this reason, Sofia is increasingly in the media spotlight and her public appearances have more notoriety.

The last appearance of Sofia has aroused all kinds of opinions regarding the chosen model. Although she is only 15 years old, there are more and more interests about her. The youngest of the family was next to King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia presiding over the military parade on October 12.

Photo of Infanta Sofia, Queen Letícia and King Felipe VI on October 12

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The youngest of the children opted for a freckled dress, with a beautiful blue print. Apparently, this choice would have been made by his mother, Queen Letícia. According to the royal press, it is a Carolina Herrera dress, which is one of the must-have brands for the queen. Carolina Herrera is one of the top brands for Ortiz. For the hairstyle, they have opted for loose hair with soft waves. And the make-up was very subtle, Sofia wore a mix of pink tones, with mascara, highlighter and brightness for the lips

Although the look at has been applauded by a large part of the style experts, yes they have classified it as "too childish".

Infanta Sofia and the look at more commented

Various media have commented that there is a big difference between the aspect that Infanta Sofia wears with those worn by her sister Elionor. The sisters are only two years apart, and many point out that Sofia does not have the same freedom in choosing her style as her sister.

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Without going any further, two years ago, at the same event, on Hispanic Day, Eleonor wore heels, which already denotes the change in age and, above all, the need to feel more adult. However, Sofia, now the same age as Eleonor at the time, continues to wear ballet flats. In this way, his image remains on a much more infantilized plane.

These reviews have been picked up by various fashion expert portals and will no doubt be keeping an eye on Sofia's next ensembles from now on.

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