Joan Carles reveals the serious problems and points to the current king

Joan Carles thought that the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was his opportunity to let himself be seen and confess the ordeal he is going through, but he did not achieve the goal he had set out for. This could be seen at the reception which took place in Buckingham on Sunday, September 18th.

He did not want to miss the farewell of the British monarch for anything in the world. He had received an invitation from the Royal Familybut it arrived in the United Kingdom with the local press against it. "The disgraced king challenges his government and his son", it was read in the daily mail.

Some thought that Joan Carles would give some excuse to be absent, but nothing could be further from the truth, it was the way he had to vindicate himself and face Felipe. Somehow he wanted to show the world that he was still around and that no one could finish him off.

However, his visit to the palace was not as positive as he would have liked. This reception was held in four rooms in Buckingham and was attended by 500 personalities. Royal houses, diplomats, military and aristocrats met at the event, he explains Pilar Eyre on your blog conferences.

The kings of Spain with the kings emeritus at the funeral of Elizabeth II

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The dignitaries arrived in a car they shared with the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins. The scene had to be curious, since the president is left-wing and of humble origin and clashed strongly with the profile presented by Felipe's parents.

Precisely the King and Letícia arrived a little later on the royal buses. The journalist specializing in monarchy assures that the purpose of the emeritus from the first minute was to hold a conversation with the new British monarch. It is possible that Joan Carles went to ask him for support in the process he is keeping open with Corinna in the English courts. It is also not ruled out that he requested collaboration to improve his deteriorated image in front of his son and public opinion.

The situation would prove very uncomfortable, especially for Buckingham's new tenant. He happened upon the emeritus in one of the rooms, though he did his best to avoid him. He moved among the guests, greeting each one with a relaxed gesture. Camila was in the same way, very smiling with the guests. Sofia's husband, despite his mobility problems, approached Carles, who was trying to distract him. The Briton started talks with Macron, Máxima of the Netherlands or the Kent cousins.

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It is as if he did not want to notice the presence of the former king of Spain. Finally, he made it to where Camila was, who he tried to kiss twice. The consort seemed to reject them by resting her hands on the chest of the emeritus.

There were more and more people in the halls and the emeritus was getting more and more nervous and impatient.

Joan Carles did not achieve his goal

John Carles, after several attempts, managed to shake the hand of the son of Elizabeth II, who seemed very uncomfortable. He didn't seem willing to give her even a second of attention. Apparently, he must have been very mindful of the criticism that had poured in the British newspapers in recent days. They censured his irregular behavior and he was also aware of Felipe's discomfort with his father. So he tried not to get into trouble.

Image of Joan Carles during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

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The emeritus tried to speak quickly, possibly to explain something to him, but the new monarch managed to avoid it. That's why he used the pretext of greeting other guests, which caused him to leave with the word in his mouth.

Joan Carles "was between grief and shame", says a source in Eyre. They moved him and he couldn't get anyone to pay attention to him; "He was even rude to Sofia" in his attempt to console him, they point out.

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