Joaquín Prat can no longer keep it quiet and admits that he has despised him for some time

Joaquín Prat he found himself in the middle and unwittingly in a controversy. the presenter of Ana Rosa's program he found out live that he had a declared enemy without knowing it. It was all following the intervention of the alleged lover ofOrtega Cano who revealed the former Dretà's dislike for Prat.

Patricia Donoso assured that the widower of 'La Més Gran' charged against him and that he even considered calling him to reprimand him for his attitude. A news that took Joaquín by surprise and that, for the moment, Ortega has not denied.

  1. Joaquín Prat is speechless in front of what he has just discovered
  2. Joaquín Prat and his position against Ortega

Joaquín Prat is speechless in front of what he has just discovered

Joaquín Prat he has always been characterized as a presenter who does not bite his tongue. Without any objection he has spoken openly about the controversies without thinking about the repercussions that his words could have. That's why what Ortega's alleged lover confessed left him tremendously surprised.

Donoso intervened as a true star of television in the Luxurious to leave more than one holder. She was ready to unmask Ana María's husband after the meeting of insults that they both dedicated themselves to save me .

Joaquín Prat in 'The AR program'

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The words that Patricia transmitted when telling anecdotes about José gave a lot of meaning and made it clear that she would not bite her tongue. He revealed that the reason the widower of the shopkeeper couldn't stand Jorge is because "he doesn't like fags".

Some words that revolutionized the set and that gave way for other presenters to come to light on the black list of the former right-winger. It was then that the name of Joaquín Prat jumped into the fray.

Close-up of Ortega Cano.


"I Joaquín Prat why does he hate him?" Jorge wanted to know. Donoso was clear and brought up her memory to confess what happened long ago. "We were watching Ana Rosa's program and he said: 'but this one because he's talking bad about me?'", he explained.

"'I'll call him and put him in his place!' I asked him to calm down", added the guest. Apparently the designer's husband simply did not accept the criticism that Prat once made and wanted to confront the presenter.

Joaquín Prat and his position against Ortega

Joaquín has not yet confessed what it felt like to know that the widower of 'La Más Grande' cannot stand him because of his opinions about him. It was something that Donoso assured to be true and that he swore "for the glory" of his mother.

In fact, it would not be surprising that Ortega has certain reservations about Ana Rosa's presenter. Prat is one of those who gets wet when it comes to giving his opinion on current affairs, which earned him the cross of the bullfighter.

Joaquín Prat


We don't have to go far to find out what Joaquín thinks of him. A week ago, just when he gave his interview to Ana Rosa, the journalist made clear his stance on José's unfortunate attitude and words.

"After what I saw yesterday about theOrtega Cano I don't understand how Ana María has put up with it for so long," he commented. "It's not good," he added. "It's surreal, forgive me, it's surreal, then we complain about the lack of communication from the Pantoja family, that's going up another step", he pointed out.

For him, Ortega's attitude leaves much to be desired and he openly criticized the way he addresses women. An opinion that, for sure, must not have sat well with him and that would come to justify José's animosity towards Ana Rosa's presenter.

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