Joaquín Prat sends a forceful demand and makes it very clear before returning

Joaquín Prat is one of the most well-known faces on television. The journalist has been dedicated to this means of communication for years and knows how to develop like no one else. He is one of the main presenters of telecincand found his place in Ana Rosa's program, where he does not hesitate to show his opinions and position himself on current issues.

The presenter is one of the friendly faces of telecinchis way of communicating is a bit far from the rest of the network's controversial collaborators and presenters. But Joaquín has also shown that when he has to speak clearly on a subject, he does so and his pulse does not tremble.

This is precisely what he did this Friday, with one of the most controversial topics of the moment and which has grabbed so many headlines. Joaquín Prat spoke about the controversial words of Tamara Falcó in Mexico. And the networks have not hesitated to applaud Prat's attitude.

  1. Joaquín Prat speaks on the topic of the moment
  2. Joaquín Prat strong against Falcó

Joaquín Prat speaks on the topic of the moment

The Marquise de Griñón has been on everyone's lips for two weeks. And the fact is that the businesswoman can no longer monopolize the attention. When it seemed that there could be no more controversy about her figure with the hasty breakup of the couple, Tamara's last steps put her back in the spotlight.

Joaquín Prat in 'The AR program'

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His controversial statements at the World Congress of Families have caused a lot of discomfort. It has caused devastating comments towards the influencer. His words were picked up by the media from all over the country:

"Now we are living a very complicated time for humanity. There are so many different kinds of sexualities, there are so many different places you can exercise evil. I think that in other generations it was not so obvious and it was not so well seen", said Falcó.

Tamara takes advantage of her weekly intervention a the anthill to be able to express yourself. And he did not hesitate to apologize if he had offended any group, but many called his speech unrealistic:

"For me this is particularly difficult because it is taken out of context. If any group has been affected by these words, I apologize", he said.

Twitter users picked up on the words, and most didn't take his speech for granted.

Joaquín Prat strong against Falcó

Joaquín Prat also wanted to pronounce on this. And from the set ofAR, sent a devastating message and warned Tamara that her attitude was not the right one:

"To justify these statements, which have a clear objective and are aimed at a series of very specific groups, he charges again against Íñigo Onieva, as if he were the devil. He charges the dead to him, again."

Photo of Tamara Falcó in 'El Hormiguero'

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"She takes advantage of her status as a victim. This places her on the positive side because she is indeed a woman who has been unfaithful to her and it has become public", he said.

The presenter was very forceful with the words of the businesswoman. And it completely invalidated his speech. Joaquín alleged that Tamara was clinging to excuses to try to justify herself:

"For me, exclusionary values ​​are not values. Never start a sentence with 'I have nothing against gays, I have many gay friends'. It's like 'If my neighbor is black, how will I be racist'", concluded the presenter.

Joaquín has shown again that he does not intend to bite his tongue. In addition, the presenter had the support of the program's collaborators, who applauded his words.

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