Joaquín Sabina announces that he has already decided and explains why he is so afraid

Joaquín Sabina is one of the most emblematic artists in our country. His lyrics are part of the musical culture of Spain.

His legacy has crossed our borders and reached the rest of the world. However, the last few years have not been easy for him.

Joaquín suffered a big fall in 2020, in the middle of a concert, and this took him completely away from the stage. To this was added the pandemic that completely stopped the show business. But it seems that the author's plans are to return as soon as possible to reunite with his audience.

There is little more than a month left until one of the most ambitious projects of Sabina's career sees the light of day. His documentary will be released in November Feeling it a lot. An audiovisual work that has been in the works for more than 13 years and has been directed by Fernando León de Aranoa

As revealed in the film's trailer, it will be "a story like his voice, rough and without equalization, which explains without attenuating the intimacy of the artist, his bambolines".

  1. Joaquín Sabina returns stronger than ever
  2. Sabina and the return to the stage

Joaquín Sabina returns stronger than ever

This documentary film will narrate the singer's life, a life marked by sex, drugs and rock n' roll. The film's narrative will range from comedy to drama, and will reveal some of the most important episodes in the singer's life.

Sabina has acknowledged that making this documentary has been the perfect antidote to the sadness she has suffered in recent years. The pandemic it was for the author a very hard blow that plunged him into deep despair and melancholy.

As the documentary progresses, Sabina undresses completely, and reveals that he is much more reserved and discreet than he appears:

"I have the feeling that I have jumped from childhood to old age without going through maturity. The truth is that I am much smellier than my caricature reflects", reveals the performer.

One of Joaquín's great regrets was that his parents never got to see him succeed and become the artist he is:

"When I started singing in big places, my father had Alzheimer's and my mother was very ill. They could not enjoy the success of their child, because they died too soon", he confessed in the trailer of the documentary.

Sabina and the return to the stage

The singer has acknowledged that he is passionate about love. One of his legendary phrases, "love is a wonderful invention of the human being" says it all. Joaquín has had great romances in his life, but without a doubt, Jimena Coronado was the woman who changed everything.

Joaquín and Jimena have been together for more than 25 years, and she is the fundamental pillar of his life: "My wife always travels with me; if it wasn't like that, I wouldn't sing outside the house", he confessed.

Photograph of Jimena Coronado and Joaquín Sabina


But this documentary will only be the forerunner of what is to come. After the stop of the last two years, Joaquín has already decided, he will return to the stage. For an artist of his stature it has not been an easy task to remain so long away from his audience.

Sabina has acknowledged that she has a certain "respect" for embarking again on a concert tour after two years. But he knows that music is the engine of his life and he must continue. According to several media outlets, the singer's new album will arrive at the end of the year and the tour will begin in early 2023.

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