Joaquín Sánchez's wife knows that he does not want to continue because he is not satisfied

Joaquin Sanchez has once again been the star of Wednesday night in the second installment of Joaquín, the beginner. We mean the program ofAntenna 3 which has counted on the betic footballer to give the best of himself every week with various guests.

The first was chef Dabiz Muñoz. In this second installment, the guest was the daughter of Lola Flores, Rosario Flores. The artist's aim was to try to get the Betis star to sing.

  1. Joaquín Sánchez returns to show a The Newbie
  2. Joaquín's wife, stunned after learning what he has rejected
  3. Rosario opens up to Joaquín's stunned gaze

Joaquín Sánchez returns to show a The Newbie

The truth is that the daughter of 'La Faraona' has spoken about her family, her children and fame. During the extensive conversation with Joaquín, Rosario was able to extract from him some of the secrets that he had best kept.

Photo by Rosari Flores and Joaquín Sánchez.

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The fact is that they have started talking about the world of fame and how it has changed their lives. Rosario confessed to Joaquín that she was famous from a very young age, but she has always declared that she has been free despite everything.

"All my life I have been famous and I am free. I've never moved for money or for interest and that gives you happiness in life...", Rosario said, which led to the following reflection on the subject.

Joaquín's wife, stunned after learning what he has rejected

Joaquín began by saying that "I have always moved for my happiness and that of my family. I've had the opportunity to play in great teams, winning the double and treble, but I wouldn't be happy", he said.

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"I have always gone where I would be at ease and happy. I had the opportunity to grow as a footballer, but I didn't want to because he didn't see me", confessed the footballer.

Joaquin Sanchez


In addition, he has had no objections to exposing how he has brought the fact of being so powerful economically. "You start making money very young and you can lose your mind. I won't tell you that I thought I was the king of mambo, but I had a time when I did think I was Michael Jackson," he said with a laugh.

"I was always attached to my family, we are many brothers and soon after I met my wife and I had a base, but it is very difficult. You see yourself famous, living life, with a full pocket, a car and surrounded by girls and it's normal..." Joaquín continued.

At one point, he has asked Rosario if she has won a lot of money. "In football, what we win is published, the transfers... But the artists are not", asked Sánchez.

Rosario opens up to Joaquín's stunned gaze

The singer has been honest and exposed the reality of the artists. "It seems that we win a lot but we don't. Where we make the most money is from the concerts, because we barely make any money from the records. You have less than a quarter of what you earn because you pay for travel, musicians, technicians, hotels, everything...», he confessed.

Close-up of Rosario Flores.


Rosario has been very sincere with the Betis footballer and before anything she gives him "thanks to life. Thank you because I am healthy, my children are healthy, within the tragedy I experienced, life has been good to me...».

"I lived my success with my brother Antonio and my parents saw the success of their children. And it has been one of the most beautiful stages of my life", he revealed in the program this Wednesday.

"When I left my little children, the planes I took... More than two months away I couldn't stand it. My children are famous because no one knows them", concluded his confession.

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