Jorge Rey, the young man who predicted 'Filomena', explains what will happen in a few weeks

One of the warmest summers that can be remembered in Spain has given way to a rainy autumn and a winter full of uncertainty. The country is preparing for a hard winter in all aspects. With the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis in the background, another cold and snowy storm would be catastrophic.

Jorge Rey, the young meteorologist who in 2021 predicted the arrival of the storm "Filomena", has launched a new forecast for winter. As he said, a winter awaits us that "will give us a lot of joy". The coming weeks will bring a lot of joy to the field, he assures.

  1. Jorge Rey's prediction for the winter
  2. Snow all over the country
  3. Looking at the sky

Jorge Rey's prediction for the winter

This has been an unstable September with ups and downs in temperatures, with lots of rain and storms. The first fortnight of October ends with the arrival of a new DANA that has brought torrential rains. The following days will be calmer, with warm weather.

Snow and low temperatures will be the protagonists next Christmas.

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The country is still waiting for the events in Ukraine and Russia, attentive to possible gas and electricity cuts. Many countries, including Spain, are preparing for a possible scenario of this magnitude. That is why it is important to look at the sky and predict whether it will be a very cold winter.

Jorge Rey spoke about the winter season and announced that this year will bring continental cold. It will be a winter marked by "very active humidity from the Mediterranean, also polar". This moisture will allow "not only heavy snowfalls, but also good snowfalls".

Snow all over the country

According to Jorge Rey's forecast, these snowfalls may spread to various parts of the country, "even to areas of the interior of the peninsula". As he explained, "we are not talking about a specific phenomenon, but about a lot of instability". An instability that will be present throughout the peninsula.

Photomontage of Jorge Rey and a snowy street

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That's why you have to expect snowfall even at low altitudes, but not a snowstorm like two winters ago. Winter will take a while to get there this year, but it will also last well into March. It will be followed by a spring with a lot of instability and a summer, once again, very warm.

The young meteorologist has made his forecast in a new video that, once again, has great Spanish followers. And this year, more than ever, we have an eye on the sky. This young man who is making waves with his videos follows a curious method to make his predictions.

Looking at the sky

Jorge Rey uses the cave method to make his medium and long-term forecasts. This is an ancient method by which farmers try to predict the weather in the coming months. That's why they look at the phenomena of the sky, rocks, plants and animals.

The experts of the cabernets pay attention to the atmospheric phenomena of the first days of January and August to make the forecast for the coming months. It is not a scientific system, but two winters ago he got it right with the storm 'Filomena'. Since then Jorge Rey has become famous.

Jorge Rey himself has clarified that he still does not have all the elements to make a complete forecast. However, it is possible that temperatures will stabilize during the first month of 2023. And that large and long snowfalls await us, especially in the interior of the peninsula.

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