José Luis Gil devastated upon learning of the death of his friend from 'La que se avecina'

Jose Luis Gil he continues to recover at home after the cerebral infarction he suffered last November. While recovering, he has learned some tragic news. And it is that one of the colleagues with whom he worked in the series The one that approaches has lost his life in the last few hours.

José Luis Gil did not believe that the Catalan actor Pep Guinyol had died at the age of 68 this Monday, October 17.

Sad news for the world of interpretation in our country. And the fact is that the dead actor was widely known during the decades of the 80s and 90s when he worked in several programs and series on Catalan television.

  1. José Luis Gil is dismayed after the death of his colleague
  2. Pep Guinyol, well-known Catalan actor, dies at the age of 68
  3. José Luis Gil remembers Pep Guinyol's passing The one that approaches

José Luis Gil is dismayed after the death of his colleague

Of course, in his last period, José Luis Gil's friend worked in national productions. For example, we saw him act as a supporting actor in series like crematorium, The one that approaches or Tell me how it happened .

José Luis Gil at a 'photocall'


On Monday mid-afternoon, the journalist Toni Vall reported on his sad death through a tweet in which he paid an emotional tribute.

"The memory of Flash it from TV3 with the fabulous ones hairy. And also many theatrical productions, including the fantastic one The auca of Mr. Estevede Marsillach who inaugurated the National Theatre", tweeted the journalist.

Pep Guinyol, well-known Catalan actor, dies at the age of 68

One of his most popular jobs was around the 80s, as Joaquim Teixidor's assistant in the contest of Three and the astrologer of the Catalan autonomous region. In this space, astrology was used as a game. Each week, there was a celebrity guest and two contestants with the same date of birth as him.

José Luis Gil has sadly received unexpected news

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Already in the 90s it was positioned as one of the most important secondaries on television. It was serialized as Guardia Pharmacyand continued working in Catalonia a Chronicles of the hidden truth or Link Station .

In the late 90's we saw him in Hands on work, Mates, The house of messes i the commissioner. Meanwhile, in the early 2000s, he played a leading role in The Saccharino buttonsthe adaptation of Ibañez's comic.

Until 2016 he worked in series like Central Hospital, Without breasts there is no paradise, Tell me how it happened, Anna and the 7, The stupid soup or the tenant. In the aforementioned, Guinyol worked as a secondary.

Pep Guinyol, actor of La que se avenica

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José Luis Gil remembers Pep Guinyol's passing The one that approaches

In his last years, his most valued work was in the series The one that approachesin which he worked with José Luis Gil. In the mythical series of the Caballero brothers, he played José Luis San Cristóbal, a character who gave a lot to talk about.

He was the head responsible for selling the flats in Mirador de Montepinar. And he had quarrels with Izaskun and Mari Tere because they occupied one of his flats.

In the first season, he tried to kick them out, but the day came when he let them live there in exchange for selling the rest of the houses. In the end, he ended up in prison when it became known that the construction was not legal.

Seasons later, he made a cameo in an episode when he gets out of prison, which the fans of the series liked, and a lot.

After this role, he was seen in two episodes ofRed Eagleone in 2010 and the other around 2016. The rest of his life has been focused on the world of theatre. In his last days, Pep Guinyol not only worked in this field as an actor, he also did it as a writer and director.

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