Jose Sacristan; 'The one who says that he knows everything is lying like a rascal'

The Vila-seca International Film Festival kicks off today with a list of top-level actors in the productions. Among them, José Sacristán (Chinchón, 1937) with a 60-year career behind him.

I have read him several times something like "in this job, woe to the one who thinks he knows everything." After so many years, are you still learning?

Do not have the slightest doubt. Cinema and life are a constant learning. Lies like a real villain who says that he already knows everything. I learn a lot from young people, from the energy they transmit and the knowledge they give me. I am always with my eyes open.

At the Vila-seca International Festival he appears in two short films, thorns Y The credit. Do you feel comfortable in the small format?

If the text is good, if it has quality, without a doubt. It is not a question of duration, in the end feature films and short films are interpretation. It is also important if the production is good, I don't feel good in a home production.

What do you think of a commitment to cinema like the one in Vila-seca?

Awesome, things are done with four dollars but all the enthusiasm is put in and, from my place, I only have to congratulate the people who are in charge of this project. They make culture and bet on talent.

With so much travel, hasn't the stage tired you?

Not at all, although I have to tell you that I feel better in the theater, because it takes less time. In television and cinema you spend many hours rehearsing and recording and that already makes me a little uphill.

And how does it manage to remain so current among the new generations that are stepping strong?

I have the same illusion, I like my job, in fact, today, I can't wait to retire, there is no intention. I also tell you that there are young people who are stepping hard and others who are stepping on something else and, sometimes, you have to give them a smack like the ones they gave me once, in the good sense of the word.

José Sacristán is considered one of the 25 best actors in the world by the American Film Institute.

It must be some friend of mine who has invented that to make an asshole. Do not believe anything. It is impossible. How can I believe such stupidity? It's a big bullshit.

But will he do something right so that, at his age, they keep calling him to make movies?

I am delighted with life for it, but that is not why I am going to believe that I am among the 25 best actors in the world. I have the blessed luck that I really like what I do and that's why I keep doing it, because I don't see any reason to leave it. I keep the passion and I have, fortunately, health.

How does criticism fit?

It is that for me there is no criticism, there are some people who speak or write in a respectful way and others who do the opposite. At this point, I'm not losing sleep in the least.

You were a founding member of the Spanish Film Academy and now you have the honor award. It's like closing the circle.

I was among the ten people who founded it, true. The award thing is something nice, one always likes to be recognized, but closing the circle doesn't appeal to me. I continue to work with the same emotion as the first day, perhaps with less energy, but with more experience.

"There are some pretty pitiful sellers of ideologies." Are you referring to current politicians?

Not only to the current ones, to those of all history. There have always been carpet sellers, and of these, bad politicians as well. Note that the other day, at a Vox party, they sang "we will return to 1936", the very .... And these people are voted for by men and women. They are there.

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