Juan, the dead family man in an event that has caused outrage

Juan Roa, a 53-year-old Spaniard, had a full life with his wife, son, family and friends. But unfortunately all his dreams were cut short last Friday when a driver crashed his motorbike into a accident in Mijas. The driver tested positive for drugs after fleeing.

The collision took place at kilometer one of the A-368 road that goes from Mijas to Higuerón. The other driver left the scene, although he returned a short time later to surrender to police. Already in police custody, he was tested for drugs and tested positive for two narcotic substances.

Juan's tragic death is an example of how carelessness behind the wheel can reap the life of a good and innocent man. The family man next door to Mijas said goodbye this weekend amid great grief. Meanwhile, the Civil Guard continues to investigate this fateful event.

  1. Drunk driver flees
  2. Municipal worker and footballer
  3. Second serious accident

Drunk driver flees

Last Friday, October 7, Juan Roa, a 53-year-old resident of Mijas, was having a drink with his friends. After nine in the evening he said his goodbyes and headed home where his wife was waiting for him. He never arrived, because on the road that took him home he crashed into a car.

Photomontage of a Civil Guard and Juan Roa

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At 21:40, just a thousand meters from the urban center of Mijas, the collision took place that ended Juan's life. The other driver left the scene while the motorcyclist lay dying on the asphalt. Civil GuardLocal police and paramedics went to the scene, but were unable to do anything for the victim.

The offender returned shortly after to surrender to the Civil Guardwho had already started the research tasks. The driver tested positive for two substances, although the result will have to be validated in the laboratory. He is facing a serious crime classified as such after the last reform of the Penal Code.

Municipal worker and footballer

Juan was an employee of the city council of Mijas who was in charge of notifications related to social affairs. He was also involved in the social fabric of the village and in Club Deportivo Mijas. The mayor of Mijas, Josele González, said goodbye with an emotional message.

"Juan got involved with everyone and had a very open character. It's a great pity, he was a man who made himself wanted", commented the councilor. He had previously worked as a mason in the council's operational services area, but a back injury forced him to retire to administrative duties.

Juan was the eldest of four brothers who had a close relationship with the town's football club. Antonio Roa, his brother, was a professional footballer and got to play in the Second Division with Málaga. In addition, Juan kicked the ball, although he never reached the elite.

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Second serious accident

Juan was passionate about sports and had recently found his passion in padel. He combined this passion with his love of hunting, although his true devotion was his family. On the motorcycle with which he had theaccident they found a bag with the dinner he had bought for his wife.

Now, his wife, his son and his family are living the saddest hours because of the tragic loss of a good man. Their only hope is that the facts will be clarified and that the offender will pay for what he did. This is the second one accident serious that occurs in the town in less than a week.

Yes, because, two days earlier, a 69-year-old motorcyclist was hit by a truck and both of his legs were trapped under the wheels. They had to do two emergency tourniquets because he was losing a lot of blood. Already at the hospital, both legs had to be amputated, and he is still in the ICU.

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