Julia Otero worries her daughter by announcing that it has happened again and that it is serious

Julia Otero he has said enough and explained what is happening so that his followers understand the gravity of the situation. The presenter of Onda Cero could no longer remain silent after the controversy generated in recent days with breast cancerAna Rosa Quintana. Otero had to step out to put the points on the iss and make it clear what his position is regarding the 'queen of the mornings'.

Julia Otero suffered from colon cancer at the beginning of 2021, fortunately she is out of danger, but the disease continues to worry her. She had to take a few months off from her job to deal with the situation and eleven months later she would reappear in the studio to present her show again, already recovered from the cursed tumor.

Julia Otero and Ana Rosa Quintana

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Julia used her return to highlight the work of the health workers, to whom she sent a message of thanks. Undoubtedly, the similarity of Otero's case with that ofAna Rosa Quintana it is considerable and therein lies the problem. The followers of the two journalists got angry and it happened again: the networks made them enemies when really they are very good friends.

The difference is that Ana Rosa had breast cancer, but she was also on leave for eleven months until she resumed her work. Another difference between the two cases is that Quintana, upon his return, made a speech criticizing the Government and some of its measures. It focused on the increase in money that will go to public health and there are offended viewers.

Julia sat down to talk with her daughter and her husband and explained that she will defend her friend. Ana Rosa's words have been criticized by a large part of the public, although she is a very respected face. He has been judged by people who do not understand that someone who has just overcome cancer criticizes that more resources are given to health workers.

  1. Julia Otero has taken the final step
  2. Julia Otero has enjoyed the best company

Julia Otero has taken the final step

Julia wanted to step out and put an end to the criticism her professional colleague is receiving. "I am very upset that at the moment those who disagree with Ana Rosa are using me to point out that they are her dissenters. If they want to say something to me or her, please do so directly, but don't use us as a tool of demolition.'

Julia Otero


Otero, showing off the honesty that characterizes him, has not taken advantage of the moment to look better than Quintana. "We don't like being a hammer, I'm not a hammer at all and what's more, I don't think it's ethically acceptable," she concluded, visibly angry. It's happened again: the networks have used the power to do harm, but the journalist has been quickly unmarked.

In this way, the presenter has defended her colleague from criticism, assuring that "the first day of work is always difficult". We cannot forget that there is a part of the public that did applaud the speech of the friend of Joaquín Prat. The words she spoke at the beginning of the program moved all the women who have gone through or are going through the same thing.

Julia Otero has enjoyed the best company

Julia knows better than anyone how the media works. Therefore, he has used his influence for what really interests him. He has always recognized that cancer treatment is hard, but effective, so there is hope. She wants everyone who suffers from the disease to fight to the end, just like she did.

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Otero has revealed that her family, especially her daughter and husband, were with her at all times. Here we find another similarity with Ana Rosa Quintanasince she has never been separated from her children. Both journalists have made history and thanks to them many patients have hope: cancer can be beaten.

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