Karla, the tourist killed on a romantic trip with her boyfriend

Karla Xiomara Zelaya, a girl of Honduran origin and Spanish nationality, disappeared on September 23 during a trip to Peru with her boyfriend. This Wednesday, his body was found buried in a field. Her 46-year-old Peruvian-Spanish boyfriend Alfredo has been arrested.

Karla and Alfredo were Spanish citizens but had gone to live in London for work. They both planned the trip to Peru to meet his family and visit Machu Picchu. She was scheduled to return before him, but she never left the country and her family reported her disappearance.

The family requested help from the Spanish embassy, ​​as both she and he had Spanish passports. However, the victim's relatives denounced the passivity of the police and institutions during the search. Eventually, authorities found the body and the boyfriend confessed to the crime.

  1. The disappearance of Karla
  2. Alfredo returned alone
  3. The killer's confession

The disappearance of Karla

Karla was due to return from Peru on September 23, on a plane to London with a stopover Madrid. To her surprise, it was Alfredo who arrived in England and took charge of removing the clothes from the apartment where they lived together. The man never contacted the missing woman's family.

Photo by Karla Xiomara Zelaya

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After having no information about the woman, her relatives reported the disappearance to the police in both Peru and Spain. Karla lived in London for work, but had lived in Spain with her mother and had a Spanish passport. The attitude of their partner, Alfredo, seemed very suspicious to them from the beginning.

Karla lived with her mother in Spain until she met Alfredo, and they both decided to move to London. It was there that they planned the trip to Peru to meet the boy's family and visit the most emblematic places. All they knew was that he took a taxi to his mother-in-law's house.

Alfredo returned alone

She was supposed to return to London on September 23, but she did not and was not showing any signs of life. On October 1, he traveled to Chile where he bought a ticket to London. After a stopover in Brazil he arrived in England on October 4 and went to the apartment to get Karla's things.

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The victim's family regrets that, despite the complaint, the European authorities did nothing to stop the suspect. "They have done nothing to stop him, ask him questions about where she is, where she stayed", they complain. It was Erik, Karla's brother, who contacted Alfredo.

In a telephone conversation, the girl's partner confessed to her brother that he had killed her and told him where the body was. Good day Peru revealed the audios in which Karla's killer confessed everything. "Just tell me where he is, please, so I can find his body," implores the brother.

The killer's confession

"I called the police now and told them that I left it in this place, in a place where my grandmother lives", confesses the killer. "I feel terrible, I regret everything that has happened, I don't have a face to see anyone", he adds. On Wednesday night, police went to the location listed.

Photo by Karla Xiomara Zelaya

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In a ruined house, and after ten hours of diligence, they found Karla's lifeless body in a field. The body was buried in a blue bag. The confessed author of the crime is already in the hands of English authorities, waiting to be brought to justice.

The autopsy reveals that Karla died of mechanical asphyxiation, stabbed with some object. In addition, the investigation points out that the killer did not act alone, but this end is not yet confirmed. The main hypothesis is that he ended his life in a rampart and then buried the lifeless body.

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