Kiko Hernández confirms the news of his relationship and makes it clear who he is

Kiko Hernandez has responded to rumors about his new relationship. And it is that, after the exclusive of conferenceshe was cornered and decided to confess. To the surprise of his colleagues, the talk show host could have been caught with a shocking lie.

  1. Kiko Hernández becomes a save me after a conflict with the program
  2. Kiko responds to the rumors of the new relationship

Kiko Hernández becomes a save me after a conflict with the program

After a few months away from television, Kiko Hernandez has reappeared in save me since the beginning of this October. The reasons for his absence for almost three months have been various, although it was recently confirmed what the main cause was.

At the beginning of June this year, Hernández's statements were completely out of place in the program. And it's that the talk show host remembered a shocking conflict he had with Carlota Corredera in the past It happened at the time of Kiko Hernandez as editor of the program, while Carlota was the director.

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"Carlota was the director, and she caught me with a bill for an apartment for which I had forgotten to pay for the electricity and they cut it off. He took me and told me that he came here to work, not to settle personal matters", he explains.

Besides, Kiko Hernandez he affirmed that Carlota was not kind to him, despite having confessed to him the seriousness of his economic situation. "I couldn't with Carlota's pressure", he confessed. And this was, according to Kiko, the reason why he left the editorial office of save me in a past

In addition to its new look, completely in shape and more attractive, another detail has attracted attention. And this is that, it seems, the changes in his life have been very much tied to his new special friend. As pointed out this week conferences exclusively, this is an actor with whom she has been seen very close lately.

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Kiko responds to the rumors of the new relationship

Seeing that his colleagues kept insisting him to speak, Kiko decided to confess. With a certain tone of anger, the collaborator of save me returned last Tuesday to speak loud and clear about his new relationship.

According to Hernández, this man would simply be a theater director with whom he works. In addition, Kiko confessed to being fed up with the rumors and that he would start to "get over the insinuations".

"What I said is what's there, he's the director of a play I'm doing that opens in November and that's it," he said. "We are friends. What do they want to insinuate that we are boyfriend or girlfriend? Let them insinuate whatever makes them hungry, I'm hungry", concluded Kiko.

Fran Antón, Kiko Hernández's special friend


Although, as discussed, it could be that this was just a strategy of Kiko Hernandez to silence that she has a relationship with this man. And it is that they seem to have caught him in a lie, since his environment would have confessed that he would have had a cosmetic touch-up.

This has exposed the talk show, since he himself denied a few days ago having undergone cosmetic surgery, despite his obvious post-operative swelling.

So, according to many, Kiko Hernandez he would be lying to avoid exposing his privacy. Something that, for many celebrities, would be a dream to be able to keep their personal life quiet. Even if they talk about other people's.

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