Kiko Hernández expands the family thanks to his new partner and they reveal the name

Kiko Hernandez he has always been characterized by staying away from certain scandals, he has never commercialized his private life. The problem is that he has many detractors, both on and off the small screen, which is why he had to change course. He realized that his true passion was far from telecincthat's why he tried his luck in the theater world.

Kiko Hernandez has found a new professional partner and every time wants to know less about save meprogram that misses him. We are talking about Fran Antón, an actor who worked with him in his first work and who has become his great friend. They spend a lot of time together, so much so that we can say that the family has grown thanks to their presence.

Kiko is very reserved and does not want to give explanations, this is supposedly the reason why he has not returned telecinc. The directors of save me they broadcast some pictures of him and his daughters accompanied by Fran and he didn't like that at all. He doesn't want the public to know anything about his family, because he wants to protect himself from his rivals.

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Kiko is delighted with his new professional facet, he has realized that he has a lot of talent and wants to take advantage of it. He had problems with some of his colleagues in the theater, but in Fran he found the perfect work partner. They have become such friends that the magazine conferences has published some images that leave little room for speculation.

Hernandez shares his life with his partner. Nothing wrong, but he wanted to keep it a secret. Very absurd theories have always been created about his life, which is why the images that have come to light are causing such a stir. The contributor has not spoken out, nor has he even used his social networks to give an answer.

  1. Kiko Hernández has made a firm decision
  2. Kiko Hernandez is very jealous of his privacy

Kiko Hernández has made a firm decision

Kiko is tired of continuing to endure certain dares, he has a lot of personality and has decided to extend his vacation. No one knows if it will return to save me because, according to what has been published, he had disagreements with the directors. Apparently he didn't like it being revealed who he shared his free time with.

Hernandez has built quite an influential television empire, as he has a lot of talent for entertaining viewers, gets very good information and has always surrounded himself with the best sources and makes few mistakes. He could work at any program, but he chose the one of Jorge Javier Vazquez for an emotional reason.

Kiko Hernández and Fran Antón

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The contributor knows that save me it has catapulted him to fame, which is why he refused to leave the space at the time. The problem is that he has felt betrayed by his bosses, he believes that they should have acted differently. That's why he took a break and the magazine came into play conferencesauthor of the photographs.

Kiko Hernandez is very jealous of his privacy

Kiko has turned down big offers to talk about her privacy, but she knows it backfires and hasn't accepted any. He believes that the right thing is to stay on the sidelines so that his rivals have no arguments to attack him. Their strategy had worked so far as no one had announced the name of their new family member.

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Hernandez has worked hard to be an influential face and everything suggests that he will return to telecinc. Maybe he'll wait a few weeks because now his name is on everyone's lips and he doesn't want to be involved in certain scandals. For him, the only important thing is to be calm and be able to act as a talker without any pressure.

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