Kiko Hernández reveals who his daughters live with since he has another job

Kiko Hernandez he hasn't appeared for two months save me. At the beginning of August he decided to take a few days off, but the break has been taking longer than expected. Apparently, different disagreements with the management of the program have caused this long absence.

In any case, the collaborator has already resumed his work on television, and it has not been in the evening format of telecinc. And it is that, a few days ago, he confirmed through social networks that he had started the recordings of the teleshop space he leads. Program that is broadcast in the mornings of Mediasetand that presents with Elena de José.

The last few months have served Kiko a lot, as he has had time to reflect, but above all to make a radical change of image. That's right, because he has recently been seen accompanied by the actor Fran Antón, according to the magazine conferences.

In particular, in the images that appear in this publication, it can be seen physically different. And one of the socialite's most important concerns is to look young and healthy. That's why he has no problem going through the operating room when the situation requires it.

If applicable, he decided to undergo a hair transplant, in addition to a few cosmetic touch-ups. To all this he added intense training in the gym. Anyone would think he's following in the footsteps of Rafa Morabut his friend Fran has a lot to do with this new hobby.

Story of Kiko Hernández in the gym


In the report they say that the communicator and the actor are "close friends". They coincided a few months ago at the theater, with the play differentand since then they have become inseparable. A beautiful friendship emerged from all that and they have shared outings, dinners and photos on social networks.

Kiko Hernandez accompanied Fran Antón to the airport in the car, the magazine notes. "They left the collaborator's house together", who did his best to go unnoticed with the help of a cap and sunglasses. In addition, they emphasize that the farewell between them "was full of complicity".

The communicator's friend is practically unknown to most. Although they have shared the stage, he can be considered a very complete artist. In addition to being an actor, he has also worked as a model, with qualities for dancing and singing.

He took part in operas like Madame Butterfly and directed works like The Trojans or baobab. Was born in Melilla he is 41 years old and 1.93 meters tall.

Therefore, according to the publication, there was a connection between these two friends from the very beginning. They shared many working days with the rehearsals and performances of different. The work premiered last February and ended in June, presumably due to the discreet response of the public.

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Kiko Hernández will eventually return to his home

Kiko Hernandez plans to return to save mealthough there is still no specific date for his return. However, Diego Arrabal confirmed a few weeks ago that his return should take place at the beginning of September, but he did not appear on set.

He maintains a tough confrontation with the program's management. And all because, as it seems, of the broadcast of some images of the collaborator with his daughters and a friend. He requested that this content be removed from the website, although he did not get the desired response.

Kiko Hernández and Fran Antón

| granted

In view of this, he had no choice but to turn to the noble plant of Mediaset. He felt betrayed by his directors, a fact that hasn't quite fit in and that would have delayed his comeback.

Kiko Hernandezhowever, he has wasted no time. He took the opportunity to be with his daughters, enjoy his friend Fran and dedicate himself to the theater. In the meantime, TV has taken a backseat to him.

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