Kiko Hernández's boyfriend finds out about the cheating live thanks to the pictures

Kiko Hernandez he has always been very protective of his personal life. So much so, that every year that he has been on television he has not met a partner.

At least, until now, when he was caught very well accompanied by a famous actor.

"We recently saw them leaving the collaborator's house on the way to the airport", commented a save me.

Fran Antón, Kiko Hernández's special friend


"On arrival, Kiko, who was hiding under a cap and dark sunglasses to go unnoticed, said goodbye with complicity. They both met at the theater", they explained about this new illusion of Hernández.

It is nothing more and nothing less than Fran Antonwith whom he would spend time secretly seeing each other.

Although Hernández himself has denied that there is anything more than a simple friendship between them.

Kiko, who has reappeared much changed a save me after undergoing various cosmetic touch-ups, he made it clear to his colleagues that they had messed him up once again.

Tired of all the information that points to Antón as his partner, the most charismatic talk show host confessed the truth live.

Kiko Hernández and Fran Antón

| granted

And to the surprise of many, Hernández has had not just one, but several partners over the years.

Something that he would have shared only with the most intimate circle of friends and that the rest of the collaborators were completely unaware of.

Kiko Hernández reveals what no one knew about their relationships

"I've been working here for thirteen years and I've had two partners," he admitted, leaving everyone stunned.

And not even Jorge Javier Vazquez gave credit: "Are you telling me that you've had two partners and we didn't know anything about them?", he asked incredulously.

Be that as it may, there is no doubt that Antón has turned out to be a very good influence in the life of the socialite.

Kiko Hernández in a live performance of Sálvame.

| telecinc

Thanks to him, Kiko got in shape and even encouraged himself to get a hair transplant to look better.

So much so, that he preferred to stay away from television until he was sure his appearance was just right.

Although it was also rumored that he may have had some disagreement with the leadership of the program.

Story of Kiko Hernández in the gym


Above all, to filter these highly compromised images of private life.

"Kiko Hernández comes in so angry with the management of Sálvame that they have done him such a bad job, that he should have already gone to his workplace and he still hasn't been there," asserted Diego Arrabal.

What's more, when he felt that his directors and producers were not paying him any attention, he would call the high officials of telecinc "so that they remove these images from the web and cut the video".

The collaborator has come to confront the management of 'Sálvame'

| Mediaset

A form of rebellion "with which a step has been skipped" to go directly to talk to the managers. "He, right now, the power he has is the power of the language", Arrabal pointed out.

On the other hand, it seems that the directors are also not interested in Kiko revealing secrets of the show.

"They prefer to keep it quiet rather than giving it to the tongue from one corner to the other", he said. "They are poisoning themselves, and they are capable of destroying each other", charged Hernández and the rest of the characters save me.

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