Kiko Matamoros accepts that she already has the baby and that she will never let him see it

Despite having been away from a set for more than three months to compete in survivors, Kiko Matamoros it hasn't stopped attracting attention for a single day. The collaborator has gone from being in the news for his work to being in the news for his personal life. And we're not just talking about his romantic relationship with Marta Lopezwhich is more consolidated than ever.

Now, the reason for being the center of media attention has to do with the baby. One to whom Kiko Matamoros will never see

  1. Kiko Matamoros, the most striking collaborator
  2. The baby Kiko Matamoros will never see
  3. Kiko and Makoke, more fighting than ever

Kiko Matamoros, the most striking collaborator

Much has changed in the professional trajectory of Kiko Matamoros. The collaborator signed for more than ten years ago telecinc to give the best celebrity information. However, no one imagined that his life would change so much and that he would become another character in the heart.

It all started with her breakup with Makokea relationship of more than 20 years that ended in the worst way. The fights with his children were another reason why the socialite became the protagonist of all the headlines.

Kiko Matamoros and Marta López


However, his peak stage came when he announced his relationship with Marta Lopez. Kiko Matamorosfed up with the criticism, he confessed that he was very much in love with a girl 40 years younger than him.

Fortunately, with the passage of time, the collaborator has managed to calm the waters of those who criticized him, especially because he has been demonstrating his love for Marta for more than two years. The couple is so close that wedding bells are already ringing.

not the moment Kiko Matamoros nor Marta have confirmed the link, although they have expressed their desire to become parents.

The baby Kiko Matamoros will never see

The press will be the first to find out about the new son of Kiko Matamoros. However, the collaborator has decided to wait to have a baby with Marta. The professional projects of both, as well as the desire to share moments together, have stopped the wishes of becoming parents.

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However, a baby has once again made headlines Kiko Matamoroswhich has a lot to do with Makokehis ex-wife The collaborator of telecinc published a few hours ago some photographs that have not gone unnoticed.

In this photo she proudly boasts of the family she has managed to create, including her grandson, Javier. The little one is the result of the love relationship of Javier Tuleda, the eldest son of Makokewith his girlfriend Makokedespite experiencing a bad moment in terms of love, she has boasted of the family she has. One of which he ceased to be a part Kiko Matamoros a long time ago.

"Love in pure essence, the purest, most incredible love, love par excellence. Little Javi, you don't know how happy you have made us", he wrote on his social networks.

Photomontage of the faces of Kiko Matamoros and Makoke

| Catalonia Daily

Kiko and Makoke, more fighting than ever

Despite radiating happiness with their private lives, the truth is that Kiko Matamoros i Makoke they have fought again and they did not do it in private, but with thousands of people as witnesses.

To the collaborator of save me he did not like at all that his ex-wife explained with hairs and signs the reasons for their breakup on a set. According to Kiko, it is totally false and he will take it to court. It seems that the ex-partner has not learned to get along over time.

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