Kiko Matamoros can't stop laughing when he sees Marta López's latest 'look'

This last weekend we were able to surprise ourselves with the real thing look at of Marta Lopez and not for good. Sometimes it is difficult to know how to combine certain materials, fabrics and include new trends in our styles, if we are not used to them.

On this occasion the collaborator of telecinc he has given us a lesson in how to use the print animal print We give you the tricks to avoid making several mistakes.

  1. Marta López does not know that the 'cigarette' they are already more than discarded
  2. The collaborator has included in hers dress the boots that are in trend
  3. One of the worst appearance by Marta López
  4. Several tips to be well dressed and put together

Marta López does not know that the 'cigarette' they are already more than discarded

Many of us already know that style pants 'cigarette' they are to be left at the back of our wardrobe, but it seems that the collaborator does not know that yet. And not only that, but he also added a zebra print in shades of brown and black which it seems they didn't like at all.

Photomontage by Marta López

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Marta Lopez has decided to combine the top with a black sweater with open sleeves with the same pants cigarette. If I had chosen to combine these pieces separately there would not have been any kind of problem, but when putting it together, the look at we have four balls.

This dresswhich seems to be the most outlandish, overcharged and inelegant, is making a lot of talk.

The collaborator has included in hers dress the boots that are in trend

Marta Lopez he has suspended in the clothing, but we cannot deny that the footwear has saved him a little. The square toe boots she chose, which are all the rage right now, are becoming quite a trend and a must have.

A whole new necessity to add to our cobbler this fall season. We have already seen other times how the style boots cowboy of high cane or, also, those of the style relaxed they are catching all the eyes.

Square-toe boots are already the most sought-after footwear that we can see in the most common stores, and it seems that they are here to stay.

One of the worst appearance by Marta López

If we have to get wet, it must be said that it is not the best dress that we have seen from Marta Lopez. This weekend he wanted to go to the cinema with one of his worst aspect never seen This styling has already become a bit out of date and the problem has been not knowing how to combine the pieces.

Photo by Marta López


Sometimes it's better not to take as many risks as López has done and combine simpler, non-printed, more basic pieces. As Oscar Wilde said "fashion is only a form of ugliness so absolutely unbearable that we have to change it every six months".

You need to know when to say goodbye to articles that have been forgotten, as is the case with cigarettes.

Several tips to be well dressed and put together

We have seen quite a slip in the world of fashion, which everyone is talking about. We leave you some points to take into account when combining your clothes and so that what happened to you does not happen to you Marta Lopez.

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The first thing is to discard the cigarette pants. This item has been left at the back of our wardrobe to make way for stylish jeans boyfriendcut straight, bell or palace. If you have a see-through sweater in the same style as the collaborator, you can pair it with a much more classic bottom. This open-sleeve sweater is very off-putting when paired with zebra pants. Also, this animal print is chocolate brown and black, so it doesn't look good at all.

It doesn't have to be mixed to mix. Sometimes it's better to put together basic pieces and not take so many risks. Although, in this case, the boots of Marta Lopez they have saved him a little look at.

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