Kiko Matamoros receives the worst attack from the woman he has loved so much

Since the beginning of this October, Makoke has surprised us all by revealing the secrets of the past relationship with Kiko Matamoros. In addition to accusing him of having been unfaithful to her, the collaborator of party he confessed to the program last Sunday a much more serious situation.

  1. Makoke's first statements a party
  2. Makoke's gravest confession

Makoke's first statements a party

Just 2 weeks ago, the program party premiered with an interview of Makoke. The woman with whom Kiko Matamoros was for 20 years, offered some shocking statements about him on the show on October 2. And it is that, according to Makokeher ex-husband would have been unfaithful to her.

Following the main topic of the moment, the disloyalty of Íñigo Onieva to Tamara Falcó, it became known that the businessman was being extorted. Although some alleged engaged photos that Onieva would have shared with other girls were not published. Apparently, there would be a group of women asking him for up to 100,000 euros in exchange for not leaking intimate material.

General plan of Kiko Matamoros in his first interview with Sábado Deluxe after Survivientes 2022

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About this, Makoke decided to confess that Matamoros had also been a victim of "sextortion" (sexual extortion). Apparently, Kiko would have paid money to a girl so that these compromised images would not be published. Seconds Makokethis was the main reason for their separation.

Makoke she would have found out when, according to her, emails from Kiko's phone were accidentally dumped on her cellphone. When reading the messages, the collaborator of party he realized that a girl was extorting her ex-partner. Although he denied it, Makoke he had evidence that a transfer had taken place from his ex to buy the silence of the girl who had the intimate photos.

After that, last week Makoke charged again against Matamoros. And he would have threatened to report Makoke for all the statements about him that the collaborator was offering in the program ofEmma Garcia. In addition, the father of his daughter Anita had recently compared her to the case of Rocío Carrasco and his daughter

Capture of Emma García and Makoke on the set of 'Fiesta'.

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"You referred to me with some very serious assumptions, in which I invite you to have a coffee whenever you want and I will explain everything to you. [...] With the words you said yesterday, it shows that you don't know my daughter, Anita at all, because she has much more character than me and her father combined. He does what he wants [...] I'm separating when my daughter is an adult, you can't compare me to the issue of Rocío Carrasco».

Makoke's gravest confession

Last Sunday, October 16, Makoke decided to talk about his ex-partner a party, in order to confess the serious situation he would have been suffering from Kiko. The collaborator showed a Emma Garcia some threatening messages from Matamoros.

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On the other hand, Makoke she said she had already "litigated" everything that had happened, although she also said she felt a certain fear and threat, since, according to her, a third person would have gone to her house to record her and then blackmail her with the content . "I am bringing it to the attention of the civil guard because it is my obligation as a mother and as a woman."

Besides, Makoke he confessed to feeling fear for his son, as he was also threatened in these messages. On the other hand, according to the collaborator, if she had not reported it, they would never have stopped. However, despite the report, Makoke decided not to proceed or seek a restraining order; according to her, not to hurt him.

Close-up of Makoke.

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As he confessed Emma Garcia after reading the messages, the third person threatened Makoke with horrible things. "And then there are some messages from Kiko. It shows that they are people who are going through a horrible separation."

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