Kiko Rivera confirms that the family will grow and that he will not be able to enjoy it

In recent years, for one reason or another, Kiko Rivera he has been distancing himself, more and more, from some members of his family. Among them, there is his mother, Isabel Pantoja, and his brothers, Isa Pantoja, Fran and Cayetano Rivera.

Without a doubt, one of the most famous disputes was the one he had a few months ago with the ex-husband of Eugenia Martínez de Irujo. Both gave, exclusive ones where they charged each other hard. It was then that the brothers broke off their relationship for good.

Although this enmity was a matter of two, the truth is that the DJ indirectly splashed other family members. That's what happened with Tana Riveraniece of Kiko Rivera and eldest daughter of Fran Rivera, who also distanced himself from the Sevillian.

Kiko Rivera witnessed a very special event that happened to his family and in which he could not be there due to his distance.

Kiko Rivera with glasses

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  1. Kiko Rivera, absent on a very special day for the family
  2. Kiko Rivera's niece, away from the family controversy

Kiko Rivera, absent on a very special day for the family

It's nothing new Kiko i Fran Rivera they never got along very well. Their countless differences made it impossible for the relationship between the two of them to be good, but that situation was definitely getting worse this year.

It was the same DJ who did an interview where he charged hard against his elder brother. "My relationship with him was null, break what is already broken. I don't care about my brother, I don't want to know anything about him", he said exclusively for a conferences .

As expected, the fact of breaking ties with the bullfighter also took its toll on the relationship that Irene Rosales' husband had with his niece, Tana Rivera . "I adore my niece [Tana]but that will be a problem for me, because he is her father. And I understand", acknowledged the Sevillian when the conflict with the bullfighter began.

From then on, his relationship with the young woman was up in the air. Precisely, all the rumors that indicated that there was no longer contact between her and Kiko Rivera arose again for a reason. Last Sunday, October 16, Tana celebrated her 23rd birthday.

Kiko Rivera's niece has celebrated her 23rd birthday

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Some of her closest relatives, such as Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, her mother, and Lourdes Montes, her stepmother, did not hesitate to publicly congratulate the Sevillian. "How old I am, Tanuqui, how lucky I am. I love you", wrote his mother.

Not only did the 'socialite' dedicate these beautiful words to her only daughter, but also, as is tradition, she organized a surprise party for her, attended by her closest circle. On the other hand, Kiko Rivera's niece also spent much of this special day for her with her father's wife.

Both were seen walking around the city of Seville next to Fran Rivera and little Curro, showing off the excellent relationship they maintain. Among all the relatives who accompanied the girl, there was no sign of Kiko Rivera or Cayetano Rivera.

So this has led to even more rumors about a possible family estrangement.

Kiko Rivera's niece, away from the family controversy

No doubt the niece of Kiko Rivera is one of the members of the Rivera clan that stays away from controversy. In fact, when the conflict between the bullfighter and the DJ began, the girl chose to continue in the background as usual.

Likewise, the Sevillian, despite belonging to two of the most media-rich families in our country, does not want to follow in her parents' footsteps. Tana Rivera is dedicated exclusively to leading a very discreet lifestyle. Of course, he has never been seen in any public appearance, accompanied by one of his parents.

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