kyiv expects heavy fighting in south and east, anti-conflict protesters arrested in Moscow
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  • More than 6,200 people, including more than 3,000 residents of Mariupol, were able to be evacuated on Friday, via the humanitarian corridors, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a video broadcast overnight from Friday to Saturday. More than 150,000 civilians are still trapped in the city besieged by the Russian army. “Europe does not have the right to remain silent in the face of what is happening in our Mariupol”said Mr. Zelensky, who spoke on Friday with Emmanuel Macron.
  • A convoy of International Committee of Red Crosswhich could not reach Mariupol on Friday, will try again to go to the port city on Saturday to evacuate civilians in the grip of a dramatic humanitarian situation.
  • Russian forces are loosening their grip on Kyiv and are regrouping to concentrate on the east of the country, where they will face a seasoned Ukrainian army, which suggests a conflict ” prolonged “, which could last for months, warned the Pentagon. Washington has planned to provide an additional $300 million in military aid to Ukraine.
  • An oil depot Belgorod, in Russia, was attacked, according to the governor of the region, by Ukrainian helicopters on Friday; an action that will weigh on the talks between the two countries, the Kremlin spokesman warned.
  • Ukraine announced on Friday that it had carried out an exchange of eighty-six of its soldiers, including fifteen women, against Russians, without specifying the number of the latter.
  • Roberta Metsola, the Maltese President of the European Parliament, went to kyiv and assured the Ukrainian Parliament, meeting in extraordinary session, of the support of the European institutions. She is the first leader of a European institution to visit the Ukrainian capital since the start of the Russian invasion.
  • At least fifty-three cultural sites were damaged in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, according to UNESCO.
  • More than 4.1 million Ukrainian refugees have fled their country since the invasion of Ukraine, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

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