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Last days ! Baccalaureate holders or students in reorientation have until Tuesday, March 29 inclusive to express their wishes on Parcoursup, and find the shoe that suits them among more than 17,000 possibilities. Here are some tips to calmly approach this decisive period.

1 – Until March 29: think carefully about your choices

A few days before the deadline, it is better to be clear about the different possibilities that exist in higher education. “ Many young people are stuck because they focus on having to find a job idea. Fifteen days before the deadline, there are other questions that must be asked,” describes Sylvie Amici, president of the Apsyen (Association of psychologists of national education).

To know: do I want to follow a short and professional training like a BTS or a BUT? Do I prefer general but less supervised studies of the license type, with a master’s in sight? Or even a preparatory class, to keep as many high school subjects as possible and choose later? “While the Parcoursup platform may scare some people, it is also an information tool », reminds the psychologist. On the diploma sheets, there are also ideas for professions, which can provide food for thought.

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2 – Until April 7: complete your files and confirm your wishes

Students have until April 7 inclusive to complete their file. They fill in the profile and schooling (report cards), if not pre-filled, then five categories. Four are common to all the wishes: experience of supervision or animation, civic engagement, professional experience or internships, sports and cultural practices.

Anything that can make it stand out is a plus

You also need to write a “training project” for each wish. In other words, a cover letter that explains why you want to join this course by highlighting your strengths to succeed in this way. To do this, it is necessary to peel the site of the school or the license concerned to look at its specificities and the content of the programs. Honesty is key: there is no need to artificially inflate experience, recruiters are not fooled and do not expect a minister’s CV from 18-year-old students. Anything that can allow you to stand out is a plus: participation in a writing workshop, captain of a sports team, internship related to training, etc.

Some courses, such as artistic (DNMADE, art schools) or sports (Staps), may require a portfolio of drawings or a sports club certificate. It is only once the application is complete that the candidate can “confirm” his wish. Unconfirmed wishes will not be taken into account by Parcoursup.

3 – From April to mid-May: think about your priorities

From April 8, applications arrive in the establishments. They are anonymized, and the training is not aware of the other wishes made by the candidates. Each course classifies the files received according to the criteria indicated on its Parcoursup sheet: expectations, importance given to certain subjects, “Future” sheet, etc. The vows examination commissions use weightings that they “mill” in an algorithm of their own, without disclosing the details.

They must also respect certain quotas (places reserved for technological baccalaureate holders in BUT or for vocational baccalaureate holders in BTS, quotas for non-academy candidates admitted to each licence, quotas for secondary school scholarship holders).

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During this period, the candidates have every interest in reflecting on their priorities, in order to calmly manage the responses of the formations and their pending wishes. “We must continue the research work on the training required, check what the study conditions will be: what transport, what accommodation, what cost? », lists Sylvie Amici. Objective : “Begin to classify your wishes, for yourself, so as not to find yourself seized and respond in a hurry when the training responds. »

4 – From June 2 to July 15: respond to proposals within the time allowed

Six weeks: this is the duration of the admission phase this year. From June 2, the candidate connects to his Parcoursup file to discover the answers of the training courses: “yes”, “yes – pending”, “no” or “yes if” (the candidate is accepted on condition of following a remedial course).

On day one, a large portion of applicants will be faced with disappointing “yes – pending” answers. Logical, since the “yes” will be concentrated among the best students. However, the candidates can only keep one “yes”. Their renunciations will mechanically advance the queues. No need to rush and accept the first “yes” that comes along if it doesn’t correspond to your favorite formation. It is possible to “maintain” this admission proposal in parallel with other “yes – pending” responses. To help everyone make decisions, Parcoursup indicates the number of places offered and the rank of the last candidate called in 2021.

It is essential to respect the deadline given for responses. For any proposal received on June 2 (opening) or between June 3 and 5, you must respond before June 7 at 11:59 p.m. Then for any proposal arriving between June 6 and July 14, candidates will not have only until the following evening to accept an offer. A shorter period than in previous years: “With this modification, we estimate that there will be a reduction in the number of applicants who wait more than thirty days to receive their first proposal”, justifies the Ministry of Higher Education. Notifications are sent by SMS, by e-mail and by the Parcoursup application in order to call the distracted to order.

An automatic answering machine is optionally offered to candidates. Those who are sure of their priorities then classify their wishes in order of preference, and the machine manages the responses for them by accepting the best admission proposal received and releasing the places in the courses less well ranked by the student.

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After the baccalaureate results, on July 5, candidates who have given a positive response to a course will be able to proceed with their administrative registration, according to the procedures indicated by the establishment.

5 – From June 23 and until September 16 : if necessary, try the additional procedure

From June 23 and until September 16, candidates without an admission proposal or disappointed by the answers obtained in the main phase can make ten new wishes in the complementary phase of Parcoursup. Only courses where there are still places are in the running in the platform’s search engine, and candidates will have to be more responsive (from August 24, it will be necessary to respond during the day).

The vows commissions being protected by the secrecy of the deliberations, it is difficult to contest a refusal of admission, but one can ask for justification. From June 2 for selective training, or at the end of the Parcoursup 2022 procedure for licenses, “each unsuccessful candidate may request by mail, within one month of notification of this decision, the criteria and procedures for the examination of wishes as well as the reasons justifying the decision taken in his regard”. The information will be sent to him directly by the training concerned, by post.

Candidates who have no proposal for admission to the main phase or the complementary phase can also apply to the CAES (commission for access to higher education) of their academy on their Parcoursup personal space. The latter helps them, on a case-by-case basis, to find a place in appropriate training.

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