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A high school student looks at the results of her

A few more hours of reflection and stress for final year students and reorientation students. These young people have until midnight Tuesday March 29 to formulate their wishes in Parcoursup, the platform for admission to higher education which continues to divide, including in the speeches of presidential candidates.

Pupils must register their ten wishes maximum and twenty sub-vows among all the formations recognized by the State, without having to classify them. However, they have until April 7 to refine their cover letters and application files.

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The “Koh Lanta of career guidance”

The post-baccalaureate admissions platform has caused a lot of ink to flow since its creation four years ago, with many accusing it of introducing selection at the university. Presidential candidates castigate it, and several on the left propose to delete it. “I will repeal Parcoursup, this ignominy”launched in early March the candidate of the radical left Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Twitter. A few months earlier, he had mentioned a “vocation breaker”.

Communist candidate Fabien Roussel, who also wants “end it”described Parcoursup as “Koh Lanta of career guidance, but without immunity totem”. Anne Hidalgo also wants “delete Parcoursup”, “to restore equitable access for French high school students to higher education”just like the ecologist Yannick Jadot, for whom “this black box system that defines your future is unbearable”, as he said on France info. For “avoiding insider trading in guidance”the right-wing candidate Valérie Pécresse affirms for her part that she “will also make Parcoursup’s local algorithms transparent and accessible”.

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Emmanuel Macron himself praised the “tremendous success” by Parcoursup, with “better results” than the previous Admission post-bac (APB) system, much criticized. He added, however, that it is necessary “continue the work to improve the orientation initiated by” the platform.

“We must abandon the non-classification of wishes”

While many recognize progress compared to APB – in particular the end of the draw, the creation of quotas for scholarship holders or information on the training provided by the platform –, unions and specialists in the subject however point to shortcomings in Parcoursup.

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For Hervé Christofol, member of the national office of the national higher education union (Snesup-FSU), “we are of course not going to return to paper registration and queues in front of each university”corn “we must abandon the non-classification of wishes, which has created a real tension in training, and has resulted in overbooking”. According to him, it should “create new squares to remove the selection”.

The fact that the proposals are made “over the water” is also criticized, with candidates often finding themselves on the waiting list. They will be able to receive answers this year from June 2 until September.

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