Laura Matamoros wears the sweeping coat from Primark's new collection

A few days ago Paula Echevarria showed off his new capsule collection from the hand of Primark. Quite a success, as in a matter of minutes the pieces are sold out. Laura Matamoros is one of the celebrities who has joined in wearing pieces from this brand low cost.

Laura Matamoros it has been done with the piece more trends of the moment, which has become a fundamental piece for our wardrobe this autumn 2022.

  1. The Primark coat continues to take things by storm
  2. Laura Matamoros has chosen to wear one look at casual
  3. The good choice when combining pieces

The Primark coat continues to take things by storm

As we've seen over the last few days, all the pieces in the new collection have proved to be very popular with customers, but the new fuchsia coat stands out, which sold out in less than 24 hours.

Laura Matamoros she has been one of the lucky ones to get one so she can show it off at her most common events. The daughter of Kiko Matamoros looks like she's found several items from Paula's collection that go with her style, including the fabulous style coat barbiecore.

A garment dyed in a striking fuchsia shade that has managed to be the star of the moment. This color has already become quite a trend and it seems that it is here to stay. The girl has added to the shopping basket a pair of high-waisted jeans with openings at the bottom and a very flattering cut.

This coat that has led Paula to have one comments very positive is currently available and costs €40, a fairly affordable price.

Laura Matamoros has chosen to wear one look at casual

The influencer she has chosen a beige knitted sweater with braided and cut patterns cropped, also from the new collection of Primark. A very good choice, as it combines perfectly with jeans.

Most of the clothes he brought us Paula Echevarria they are stylish preppyitems that have that university feel that is very fashionable among young people. Laura Matamoros has ensured that this one dresscasual it is very comfortable and not only that, but it also happens to be cheap.

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Kiko's daughter wanted to add some light to her style, so she opted for some gold necklaces to highlight the color. Besides, Laura Matamoros she has completed her ensemble with white sneakers, also in a casual style, which are simple and, at the same time, basic.

The good choice when combining pieces

As we have seen on previous occasions, we must know that sometimes it is better to put together basic pieces and not risk too much to avoid getting a very disastrous 'modellet'. For example, Laura Matamoros she has chosen to leave aside the flashy accessories and focus all eyes on the fuchsia coat. A great idea to not look like a Christmas tree early.

The new collection by Paula Echevarría has turned out to be ideal for being comfortable and well-dressed in the most economical way possible. There are many colorful pieces, as is the case with this coat, whose colors stand out more than the piece itself.

For this reason, we must be careful not to overdo it when it comes to dressing. Sometimes it's better to go simpler and add that breaking touch with a piece in bold colors, like fuchsia.

Laura Matamoros has been one of the many customers who have filled their bags with these new items from the new collection of Primark.

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