Les Muntanyes de Prades, a never-ending party for walkers

The year 2021 witnessed the birth of a new festival in the regions of Tarragona. In this case it was neither musical nor gastronomic (which are the majority of our festivals) but had as its object the noble activity of the mountain walk.

So the first Hiker Festival, held at the end of October last year, was a resounding success that, as the cliché says, surpassed the company itself. More than 400 registrations in the various activities for half of the places offered. It seems like a lie, but it was not possible to satisfy all the demand for fresh air, contemplation of nature and enjoyment of the countless paths and trails in the Prades mountains. People were eager to spread the fog, go. Lest they confine us again or the third world war occurs.

To prevent this from happening again and to guarantee a place for all hikers eager for moderate emotions, this year the Festival has grown, in the number of places and activities. And it has even been organized, from the magazine Descobrir Catalunya and the Diputació de Tarragonaand with the collaboration of the County Council of Low Field and the MIDIT community, a second weekend of hiking festival set in the territory formed by Vandellòs and l'Hospitalet de l'Infant, Pratdip and Tivissa, a place named Terres de Mestral.

  1. It will be good
  2. Incomparable framework
  3. More than forty hiking activities
  4. And how much is all this worth?

It will be good

Or at least that's what the long-term forecasts indicate for the weekend of October 21, 22 and 23. Any incidence in this respect will be the fault of the Catalan meteorologists or the unpredictable caprice of the Mediterranean autumn. In no way the responsibility of the organizers of this happy event and even less of the media in charge of spreading the good news. And if it rains, good hiking boots, a cape and no complaints, we know each other.

Now is not the time to gloss over all the poetic charms of the Prades Mountains in their autumnal transition, but really, no matter how much you like to walk for kilometers smelling moss and mushrooms, it is a proposal that you cannot miss . And so, too, to those sick of asphalt, coastal pollution and naphtha effluvia, let us rest for a while with ours, we have enough grief already.

Incomparable framework

One of the novelties of this current edition of the Hiking Festival is a photo contest, designed to spread the popularity of the contest on social networks. There will be prizes, right? Including local products and experiences and a one-year subscription to Descobrir Catalunya. Just to upload a photo with the hashtag #SenderistaFest22 at any time during the outings.

Hiking Festival

| Hiking Festival of the Costa Dorada-Terres de l'Ebre

The organizers remind us that the Prades Mountains are one of the last large spaces in Catalonia that hopes to be declared a natural park. Astride the regions of Alt Camp, Baix Camp and Conca de Barberà, and also Priorat and Les Garrigues, the massif preserves some colonies of reboll oak unique in our country, woven with an abundance of holly in the high areas and the century-old Poblet forest. In Tossal de la Baltasana, at an altitude of more than 1,200 m, five rivers are born: the Glorieta, the Brugent, the Francolí, the Siurana and the Prades river. And along these mountains there are numerous charming towns, such as Farena, Siurana, Rojals, Alcover or Prades, to mention a few.

More than forty hiking activities

No more and no less. in six days For all audiences but with special impact and dedication for the family excursion. In addition to promoting the natural and landscape virtues of these incomparable settings, the Hiking Festival is also pleased to collaborate with mountain guide professionals in the region. Companies and guides who put their extensive knowledge of the path network at the service of the neophyte or expert walker, because there is something for all tastes. Strengthening, of course, the local economy of these places and guaranteeing the safety of hikers, with routes also designed to encourage love for the mountains in the little ones.

You can choose and shuffle between the excursions scheduled on the Festival's website and start signing up, which after all is a rush and regrets. There are some pretty cool things. A musical tour of Mont-ral, to discover the village's old farmhouses and their use of hydraulic energy. Get to know the bandits and the palaces of Alcover. Observe moixons in La Sallida, at the confluence of the Francolí and Anguera rivers. Do the Avencs de la Febró, a walk that must be done at least once in a lifetime.

Hiking Festival

| Hiking Festival of the Costa Dorada-Terres de l'Ebre

Or contemplate the starry sky in Prades or Siurana on a night walk. And for those eager for more intense experiences, there will also be an opportunity for Nordic walking around Poblet or, even more exciting, you can play shepherd for a day during a visit to the hermitage of Barrulles de Capafonts, walking along the Brugent river with the goats and tasting the artisanal cheeses that are made from it. I can't think of a better plan than this for an autumn Sunday.

And how much is all this worth?

It's just a sample of everything the II Costa Daurada-Terres de l'Ebre Hiking Festival has in store for you. But there is much more. All this for just 15 euros per beard and activity, in the case of adults, and 3 euros in the case of boys and girls up to fifteen years old. gifted

And even more considering that each experience or excursion has a complementary activity and a taste of local products. It's that the Prades Mountains should be full of people if it weren't for the fact that we are for sustainability and scrupulous respect for our environment. It's next weekend. Make room in your calendar so that episodes of every execrable series you watch will be at home waiting for you when you get back.

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