Letícia admits another major health problem and raises the alarm in Zarzuela

Queen Leticia she has sounded the alarm because of a new health problem that she herself has had to confess. Letícia opened up and admitted that she has a new illness. A new medical setback that is already starting to worry the palace of the Zarzuela.

Until now we already knew one of his diseases. A few months ago, an inconvenience that Queen Letícia has in her feet came to light. This is metatarsalgia and what it does is it produces pain and inflammation in the middle area of ​​the sole of the foot.

Also, wearing heels only aggravates the symptoms. And Letícia often wears this type of footwear.

Photo of Infanta Sofia and Queen Letícia on October 12.


But now Princess Eleanor's mother has gone further to admit further setbacks. And what's worse, it does almost nothing to fix it. A fact that has caused the alarms to go off in the Royal House.

In a chat with journalists on Hispanic Day, Letícia surprised everyone by confessing to this new setback. And the most worrying thing is that it is another disease related to the feet. Morton's neuroma is what the Queen of Spain also suffers from.

A disease that, as they explain, "can feel as if you were leaning on a stone in your shoe or a fold in your sock."

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Queen Letizia has to deal with a painful illness

This disease also occurs in the feet and consists of a thickening of the nerve tissue in the foot. This causes a lot of pain and Letícia has been suffering from it for a few months in her left foot. They detected him last June.

The worst thing is that, despite having two medical obstacles at her feet, the Queen does rather little to fix it. For one thing, keep wearing heels, which are not recommended if you suffer from these pains.

In addition, it appears that high-impact sports activities such as running can also lead to repetitive strain injuries to the feet. And we know that the Queen usually works out and does physical exercise, so the problem may also stem from there.

Photo of Queen Leticia.

| Europa Press

On the other hand, Letícia refuses to go through the operating room to try to solve it. Some experts say that an operation does not completely solve the disease either, so she clings to it to avoid being operated on.

The concern is growing, since there are already two diseases in her feet, she does not want to have surgery and, in addition, she continues to wear high-heeled shoes. A total temerity that has already set off alarms.

The main recommendation to cure this strange disease is to wear wider shoes, and the pain can be alleviated with pain relievers and anti-inflammatories.

Photo of Queen Letizia's white shoes.

| Europa Press

Interestingly, Queen Letizia is also known to use a small support insole on her left shoe to slightly reduce the sensation of pain. Finally, if none of these techniques give results, it would be necessary to resort to surgery.

The Queen is very sensitive to all kinds of illnesses, including mental health.

In fact, very recently he gave a speech in which he talked about the precariousness of mental health and made it clear that it is a problem that has become more visible after the pandemic.

Now, we have to wait if Eleonor and Sofia's mother takes the same interest in overcoming the disease that is giving her so many headaches.

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