Letícia confirms that the news about her daughter Sofia is true and worries

The Infanta Sofia he has not had a very pleasant start to the school year. It seems that the daughter of kings has a hard time fitting in with her peers.

Accusations of sexism against the girl have even come to light. Above all, because he wants to play football, one of his great passions.

Apparently, the infanta Sofia has had to deal with derogatory comments for wanting to practice a "men's sport".

Photo of Infanta Sofia, Queen Letícia and King Felipe VI on October 12

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These comments come not only from the boys, but also from the female colleagues, who would have shown him all their rejection.

It is a very painful and complicated situation that the young woman has tolerated in silence these past months. Inevitably, however, it has ended up becoming public, understanding the image of the Santa Maria dels Rosers.

This would also derive from the distance that Letícia has always put between her daughters and the rest of the children since they were very young.

Photo of Infanta Sofia and King Felipe in a car


It has always been rumored that the Queen was very emphatic that both Eleanor and Sofia should receive special treatment, which did not sit well with the other parents.

It is widely known that Sofia's mother had strict rules and prohibitions imposed on her daughters, including watching television, playing with tablets or eating sweets.

This obsession with healthy living even led her to impose her own will in the dining room. In fact, it was discovered that he had prepared a different menu for his daughters, which the rest of the students would also have to undergo.

The menu, of course, did not include fats, carbohydrates or sugars, which would have upset the parents. "We didn't know that (Letícia) was a nutritionist", one of them would have criticized.

Infanta Sofia, victim of sexist comments

This, without taking into account that the presence of the bodyguards made the other children uncomfortable, since "they spend the day watching who approaches them or says something to them".

They also received the strict order not to answer in the event that family matters were discussed "in the class environment".

In this way, this could also have greatly affected both Infanta Sofia and Eleonor when it comes to making friends.

Infanta Sofia and Princess Eleonor with masks


Eleonor's parents are worried about the situation their daughter is going through. The kings have already contacted the management of the center to convey their anger. They demand the center to solve the problem as soon as possible. And more considering the 14,000 euros they have spent each year so that the girls receive the best training.

In 2013 when Eleanor and Sofia were arriving for the first time at this elite school. According to them, it focuses on providing a "training aimed at guaranteeing the total development of the students' personality".

Infanta Sofia and her mother at an event


On the other hand, it should be noted that Letícia has always been very concerned about her daughters' education, often going above and beyond.

In fact, he exercised excessive control over the teachers and went to the center every ten days. This, without counting the modifications that were made to the site, focused on protecting the young women from prying eyes.

Close-up of the infanta Sofia.

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They were such drastic changes as raising the site's fences, which rose almost two meters higher.

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For now, Sofia has to face this final year at Santa Maria de los Rosales, and then she plans to follow in the same footsteps as Elionor.

The young woman dreams of going abroad, perhaps to UWC Atlantic College, where you can enjoy much more freedom.

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