Letícia, forced to make a tough decision after talking to the doctor

In one of its last events, the Queen Leticia she has shown herself to be changed. It seems that a health problem would have led him to make a drastic choice in his daily life.

  1. The excess that has caused a health problem in Letícia
  2. But what is the problem that has been detected in Letícia?
  3. Leticia's heels: an unnecessary pain

The excess that has caused a health problem in Letícia

The Queen Leticia it has always been very elegant. Whether in events in which she is the main character or in others in which she only participates, the queen has always stood out. And it is that, in addition to her undoubted beauty, she always knows how to combine very well herappearance' .

Instead, it seems that a health problem would have forced Leticia to give up one of her most common accessories: stilettos. Heels cause multiple damages and pain to the feet, in some cases even deforming the bones. It seems that the recommendations of her doctor would have led Leticia to give up her very high shoes in her last event.

Letizia, used to wearing stilettos almost every day

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Thus, in the recent State trip to Germany with Philip VIthe queen has appeared in front of the cameras in flatter shoes. And wearing stilettos, as usual, were being an unnecessary ordeal for Letícia. At the event in the German state it was just as stylish without the need for the feet to suffer excessively.

But what is the problem that has been detected in Letícia?

This is Morton's neuroma, in which the nerve tissue in the toes becomes enlarged. This causes a burning pain in the front of the foot, even causing itching between the toes in some extreme cases.

The newspaper The world has decided to consult a podiatrist from Madrid, Raúl Ramos Blanco. According to the specialist, wearing too many heels can be harmful; and it is that, in life, "what is bad is excess".

Regarding the correct height of the shoes, the specialist has stated that the heels should not exceed 5 cm of inclination. And it is that, those of the Queen Leticiathey have sometimes exceeded 12 cm.

Letizia's look on October 12, 2022


"You should not wear heels whose height difference between the heel and the area of ​​the forefoot exceeds approximately 5 cm. And, if we want to use them higher, it would be better if they had platforms in the forefoot to soften the unevenness", says the specialist.

Leticia's heels: an unnecessary pain

In addition, to avoid the ordeal that Letícia is suffering, the podiatrist recommends that the heel be wider than we are used to. This can give us stability in the heel area, as well as avoiding the risk of injury. Wearing heels in excess can cause tendinopathy or sprains, in addition to the Morton's neuroma that Letícia suffers from.

According to Ramos Blanco, the human skeleton is structured to support 60% of our weight on the heels and 40% on the front of the foot. "Using high heels, we load a greater percentage than would correspond to the forefoot, whose tissues, not being prepared for this, will be affected to the point of generating different diseases."

Queen Letizia looks flawless in each of her public appearances


According to the specialist, the injury suffered by Letícia would have occurred "as a result of the use of narrow footwear with a high heel". And it is that, although it may be attractive to raise the height a little, wearing heels for so long is an unnecessary evil.

In addition, naturalness is in fashion, being one of the most beautiful features of people. And it is that, now that society seems to be making progress in multiple aspects, we should start doing without the saying "to brag you have to suffer".

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