Loïk Le Priol indicted and imprisoned

Loïk Le Priol, main suspect in the assassination of former Argentinian rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu, in Paris, at the Budapest court, on March 25, 2022, during his virtual hearing at the Zahony police station.

He is the main suspect in the murder, on March 19, in Paris, of former Argentinian international rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu. The ultra-right activist Loïk Le Priol was indicted on Friday 1er April, for “assassination and possession of weapons”. Loïk Le Priol is suspected of having fired several shots at the 42-year-old former rugby player after an altercation in a VI barand district of the capital, in the district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

The 27-year-old former soldier and member of the ultra-right Groupe Union Défense (GUD) movement was arrested on the night of March 22 to 23 in Hungary. He arrived Thursday evening in France, before being placed in detention, then being brought to justice on Friday.

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Arrived at the Paris court on Friday morning, he was presented to the investigating judge in charge of the investigation, who notified him of his indictment for “assassination”. A judge of freedoms and detention then ordered his placement in pre-trial detention. The judge gave reasons for the detention ” without surprise “in particular with regard to “versions that must be confronted” between suspects and the risk of “reiteration” because of a “journey of violence”.

File S

Loïk Le Priol, brown hair combed to the side, black mustache, carefully reread his statements before greeting his two lawyers with a polite smile, at the end of the decision. “My client does not wish to make more statements than those he made in the context of the proceedings before the judge”, said one of his lawyers, Xavier Nogueras, at the end of the hearing. The latter had called for a debate behind closed doors, considering that his client’s family was suffering “explicit death threats, in particular by people who claim to be from the Basque community, the far left and the ultraleft”.

“It’s a real tragedy (…) he recognized him as such during his interrogation” by the judge, added Mand Nogueras. Loïk Le Priol, in a black puffer jacket, stood straight in the box when his lawyer spoke, hands clasped in front of him.

The former marine commando, who was the subject of a European arrest warrant, was arrested on the night of March 22 to 23 in Hungary, at the Zahony border post as he was preparing to surrender in Ukraine. Loïk Le Priol is known for his radicalism and violence. Its anchorage to the ultra-right earned it to be “file S” by the general direction of internal security (DGSI), reported to Agence France-Presse (AFP) sources close to the file.

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Two other indictments

In this investigation, two other people were indicted and remanded in custody. Close to Loïk Le Priol, Romain Bouvier, 31, was indicted for “assassination” and two offenses related to the possession of weapons. Suspected of having also shot Federico Martin Aramburu, he was imprisoned in the prison of Health in Paris.

A 24-year-old woman, presented as the girlfriend of Loïk Le Priol, has been indicted for “complicity in murder”. She is suspected of having driven a vehicle belonging to the activist on the evening of the incident.

Loïk Le Priol and Romain Bouvier are due to appear in June before the Paris Criminal Court for “aggravated violence” against a member of the GUD, whom they are suspected of having beaten and humiliated with three other members. Under judicial supervision in this case, they were prohibited from making contact.

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