Lourdes Maldonado cuts soca-rel on TVE and surprises her colleagues

Lourdes Maldonado is the presenter of Speaking Clearlyprogram of TV. Lourdes has spoken clearly during her last program and that is that she fights for women. In this case the uproar caused by the struggle for the freedom of Iranian women does not stop.

And since the death of Mahsa Amini, the country has been on fire with protests that have spread to other countries.

The 22-year-old woman was arrested for carrying the hijab (Arabic veil name) misplaced. Tehran's "morality police" beat the young woman, who fell into a coma and finally died on September 16.

After the death of this girl, numerous vindictive responses have emerged. The demonstrators have taken to the streets, faced with the harsh oppression of the country's police.

Fortunately, these vindictive movements have spread throughout Europe. The case has reached the presenter Lourdes Maldonado.

  1. Europe joins the protests
  2. Lourdes Maldonado cuts her hair live

Europe joins the protests

"I think Europe must continue talking to the authorities in Tehran and ask them to stop shooting people." This was said by a leader of the movements generated against political Islam.

Thus, Abir Al-Sahlani, Swedish MEP, started a vindictive act in European territory. It thus demonstrated its support for women and the Iranian people in general. She, in the European Parliament debate, cut her hair as a sign of protest. He then shared a video on his account ofInstagram.

In Iran, despite the fact that they carry the hijabwomen are forced to have long hair, as a symbol of beauty. Taking off the veil and cutting the hair become vindictive acts. Through them, women demand freedom and challenge authority.

Other celebrities from Europe have joined this cause. Many celebrities, such as the French Juliette Binoche, Marion Cotillard or Charlotte Gainsburg, joined this solidarity movement in Europe. for freedom !is the motto of this claim campaign, in favor of the rights of women in the territories of Iran.

It is a movement in which people cut off a lock of hair. All this in solidarity with oppressed women in the Southeast Asian country.

Thus, many Spaniards have also taken part in the movement. One of the last to join has been Begoña Gómez, wife of Pedro Sanchez. Begoña has also decided to cut a lock of hair.

Lourdes Maldonado, presenter of Speaking Clearly, decided to join this cause of struggle in favor of the rights of Iranian women. Thus, this week, Lourdes surprised her colleagues and her audience with this act. A fact that caused a lot of furore on social networks.

Lourdes Maldonado cuts her hair live

Last Thursday, October 6, 2022, the presenter of Speaking Clearly he was cutting his hair live. Lourdes Maldonado thus tried to claim the rights of Iranian women after themurder of one of them.

"We'll cut our hair a bit, it's growing. It's a small gesture. Well that's it! A small gesture, but here it is," said Lourdes Maldonado before the end of her program.

Lourdes Maldonado is a live hairdresser


Thus, Lourdes ended her program by taking a pair of scissors and cutting off a piece of her hair. This has caused admiration in some of his colleagues, such as Marc Calderó.

"I think it's a wonderful gesture and that men are also on the side of women's demands", said Marc about Maldonado.

This gesture by Lourdes Maldonado has meant the support of the Spanish for the cause.

By doing it live, Lourdes tried to create more social impact. And so it has been, as the news about this keeps surfacing on the networks. And it is that women's hair has become a symbol against the regime of Iran.

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