Luis Merlo confirms that the news of José Luis Gil is final and there is no solution

Luis Merlo confirmed a few weeks ago that José Luis Gil will not be present in the new season of The one that approaches. The performer is still recovering from a stroke he suffered in November 2021. Of course, all his cast mates are waiting for him with open arms.

They are confident that he will rejoin the group as soon as possible, although at the moment they do not want to advance the date of his return. In any case, his colleagues have been waiting a lot for him during this last year.

One of them was Merlo, with whom he had a special rapport, as could be seen in the last broadcasts. They shared many scenes together after the makers of the series made them share a flat.

The production will premiere the new episodes in a matter of weeks. There will be a few casualties, but also new faces in addition to a new development. They will leave behind the 'Mirador de Montepinar' to settle in 'Contuberni 49'.

Although Gil will not be present, he will be very present in each of the episodes that are broadcast. And it is that he will be in charge of putting the voice in each chapter of season 13 in the header. This is something completely new, since until now the different actors were rotating.

So, even if you can't see him, at least we'll hear the performer at the beginning of each chapter. It will be from next November 18 a Amazon Prime Video.

Photograph by Luis Merlo


Fans of this fic will check out how there will be changes to the header. The logo and tune will remain, but there will be different images associated with the new location.

Luis Merlo, who plays the role of Bruno Quiroga, was in charge of sharing a house with José Luis. Those responsible for the series had to take important measures to fill the void left in the script. They decided that Enrique Pastor, the character who gave life to Gil, would move in United States.

In the American country he will have to take care of his son Dylan. His departure will greatly affect his roommate. The pianist will not be able to stand the loneliness and will have to take in a somewhat particular neighbor.

He will start a new life alongside Fermín Trujillo, the character played by Fernando Tejero.

One of the creators of the fiction, Alberto Caballero, confessed in several interviews that the doors of the series were open to all actors. With these words I wanted to remember José Luis above all, who is one of the few who stayed from the beginning.

Luis Merlo is confident in the recovery

Last August, Luis Merlo was very optimistic about his teammate's recovery. He was aware of his developments, both through his friends and the rest of the friends in the series.

He explained that "we will see him for sure. We don't know when, it depends on the recovery of the disease, but he will recover for sure", he insisted. It also confirmed that he would be dropped from the Season 13 character roster.

Promotional image of La Que se Avecina with the actors José Luis Gil, Jordi Sánchez and Luis Merlos

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"He will not be there, he is still recovering to be there, but I trust that he will be recovered", he added Europa Press. He added that "I have spoken to the family and I know from colleagues who have been with him and he is a great fighter". He pointed out that "it has always been and will never cease to be".

Luis Merlo pointed out that it would be an honor to receive him "with open arms" when he was able to return. Some words to which the viewers and fans of this series join.

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