Lydia Lozano announces that she doesn't want to go home because he cheated on her with someone else

Lydia Lozano has more than earned the title of being the most important collaborator of telecincas it always has top-notch information. And she was the first to bring to light that José Ortega Cano had a special friend during her pregnancyAna Maria Aldón. At the time, the news already caused a great impact, but now it has gained special importance because the protagonist has spoken about it.

Lydia Lozano announced that the bullfighter did not want to return to the family home because he had met a woman who was of great interest to him. This woman's name is Patricia Donoso and she has given an interview to Friday Deluxe to justify the canary. "I rolled with Ortega Cano and that's what Lydia says with great success," declares Patricia, a lawyer by profession.

Direct from Patricia Donoso


Lydia has continued to investigate and has discovered something: when Ortega's supposed friend wanted to talk, she received a threat. Allegedly, Colate Vallejo-Nájera, Paulina Rubio's ex-husband, contacted her to issue a warning. This is not proven, but the Friday talk shows Luxurious they were frozen when they heard it.

Lydia is aware of everything that happened between Patricia and José Ortega Canobut he wants to let her explain it. It is a rather complicated issue and the bullfighter has assured that he will sue, so it will be better to stay away from the scandal. The lawyer, however, promises that she has evidence and can prove what she says. In fact, it has taught some messages.

"I got involved with Ortega in Spain, at a fair in Seville or at a Rocío, I don't remember now," Lozano's source begins. "Let's not get into bed, he was not married at the time, but he was living with Ana María and she was also pregnant. We were going from Seville to Madrid on the AVE and we were staying at my estate in Ciudad Real, but his brother was waiting for him at Madrid and it couldn't be".

  1. Lydia Lozano is aware of the harsh reality
  2. Lydia Lozano prefers to be cautious

Lydia Lozano is aware of the harsh reality

Lydia is aware of the importance of the testimony she has obtained and that the consequences will not be long in coming. The widower of Rocío Jurado has accused his supposed friend of being a "shameless woman" and promises to report her. She is not afraid, in fact, she has committed to telecinc to return to save me and expand your speech.

Profile shot of Lydia Lozano on the set of Dissabte Deluxe

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Lozano announced that Ortega Cano he had a special reason for not coming home when his wife was pregnant. Now it has been proven that the reporter had a good source and the information has been expanded, here's the problem. More and more information is known and there are more people involved, now Paulina Rubio's ex-husband.

The collaborator, showing off the professionalism that characterizes her, has done nothing more than interview Patricia Donoso. He wants to get a full story and not waste time giving an opinion because he knows it's too complicated a matter. Because of this, Ana María's husband is desperate. In fact, it has entered a save me out of control and demanded explanations.

Lydia Lozano prefers to be cautious

Lydia has been working in the choir press for a long time and has always been very well connected. Know the history of Donoso perfectly. Because of this, he knows that there are many chapters left to tell. She is willing to lay her cards on the table and boasts of having a wealth of evidence.

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"He wasn't married, he was living with Ana María, but it's the same. We didn't get to anything else because it wasn't the time. I like old men and all my husbands have always been over 50 years old", she explains, trying to justify herself.

Lozano had the pleasure of interviewing her and it is clear that she will be present at the next intervention. She wants to get to the bottom of the matter.

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