Lydia Lozano reveals that they no longer love each other and that she is now being laughed at constantly

Lydia Lozano has once again been the main protagonist of save me after a new quarrel with one of the veteran journalist's biggest enemies.

And Lozano has had the most complicated day since returning to television after back surgery. An operation that has caused him so many headaches and for which he has spent too many sleepless nights due to the intense pain caused by this health problem.

The fact is that Laura Fa has once again been the scourge of her colleague. It happened after commenting on it on the podcast Dear Haterof the YouTuber Malbert, when everything has blown up.

  1. Lydia Lozano confirms that friendship is no longer possible
  2. The wildest attack that leaves Charly's wife on the ground
  3. The veteran contributor lashes out live against her greatest enemy

Lydia Lozano confirms that friendship is no longer possible

A few days ago, Laura focused on Kiko Matamoros and his relationship with Marta López Álamo. Her controversial opinion caused the collaborator to take out his anger against her and insult her. Yesterday, the objective of the Catalan talk show was a recurrent one, as is that of Charly's wife.

Lydia Lozano entering a hospital

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In this podcast, Laura has opened up about some of the contributors of save me such as Miguel Frigenti or Lydia herself. This means that there are colleagues from the program telecinc that they are old and that they have lost all credibility.

At one point, the name Lydia Lozano comes up and Laura Fa goes up against her, leaving her colleague in a very bad place.

"I don't know who once defined Lydia as being like a cork. She will never sink, she has overcome Manzanares, Ylenias, Rocío Carrasco who has been run over by a truck and still hasn't found out. Overcome all this and I think he goes on stage to give a news story and people believe it", criticized Laura Fa.

The wildest attack that leaves Charly's wife on the ground

Laura also remembered how she gets angry every time she wants to correct her on set, which has made the collaborator explode. "I hadn't seen it in its entirety. I have a lot in my life to see this, but I just saw it and what I see is how you scoff.'

Image of Lydia Lozano crying.

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"I see a presenter who laughs like that, says 'beans' and sewer rat and you laugh thanking him. You say I'm a cork. I don't know, it's so ugly. I've never seen so much evil in a colleague" said Charly's wife.

"Really?", asked Fa. "I tell you very seriously. I've had super-big fights with Belén Esteban, with Kiko Hernández and with Matamoros," said the Canary.

"We had intense fights, but I didn't see what I just saw, that you project a bad vibe, a negativity, and you're laughing in your face", he stressed.

The veteran contributor lashes out live against her greatest enemy

"What a pity to have such a short life that you are asked about your colleagues and you cannot explain your experiences, interviews...", continued the canarian. "It's just that they don't call me to explain experiences", excused Laura Fa.

The Catalan spoke that "in the end, they end up asking us about the people we work with, it doesn't seem so serious to me. You can't give advice, let Gema tell me that she doesn't, I understand, but not you", her companion let her go.

Close-up of Catalan journalist Laura Fa on the set of Sálvame

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"No, in my life I give advice, advice in dollars", jumped Lydia Lozano. "I did the report a week because I wrote a cookbook», explained Lozano. "But you don't know how to cook, we did a competition together and you don't know how to cook", Laura Fa replied.

Lydia couldn't take it anymore and attacked him in the following way. "Are you going to throw my cookbook on the floor too? I throw on the ground what you do a conferences?”, he protested.

"Now I understand why all the people who love me sent it to me," concluded Lydia, referring to how her friends had passed these statements on to her.

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