Makoke acknowledges that she has lost him and reveals what her true state is

Makoke she is a woman who has always been attentive to her ex-husband's actions since the two parted ways a few years ago. It was nearly two decades of relationship that ended in the worst possible way: several cross-lawsuits that caused a serious headache for the talk show host's ex telecinc.

Makokewhich he has never had a problem answering Kiko Matamoros when she felt attacked on a television set, she knows that her ex-husband has changed the chip. He is a new man for some time and wants to forget the media problems, many of them judicial, with the mother of his daughter Anita.

Kiko Matamoros had an extraordinary experience participating in survivors and his outlook on life changed completely after being there for more than two months, too far from his partner, Marta López Álamo.

  1. Makoke admits that the man in her life is no longer thinking about her
  2. "We're going to the wedding!"
  3. The loudest reaction after the announcement of Makoke's ex

Makoke admits that the man in her life is no longer thinking about her

Marta and Kiko have been inseparable since they met almost four years ago. The truth is that their relationship is in very good health. Especially, according to what we have been able to verify in the last few hours, after the revelation of the best of the news.

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During Kiko's stay in survivorsthere was a lot of talk about the possible pregnancy of Marta López Álamoalthough in the end it all came to nothing. The truth is that they were both very excited about this possibility, and also about being united in marriage, because they were very much in love with each other.

One of the happy couple's wishes is about to come true. This has been announced by both in a post byInstagram which has been filled with messages and congratulations of all kinds.

"We're going to the wedding!"

The ex of Makoke and his partner left us all speechless when they confirmed this Sunday that they will be husband and wife in a little while. A wedding that comes after several idyllic years of relationship and that both want to continue repeating, but now as married people.

"Finally, I'll tell you that this happened a few days ago. Some of our friends and family already knew about it and we wanted to share it with you. It cannot make me happier to marry you: yes, I will, my love. We're going to the wedding!", said the model's message next to a series of images in which she boasts of a super ring.

The loudest reaction after the announcement of Makoke's ex

The reactions to this announcement, quite expected otherwise, have not been long in coming. Alejandra Rubio, Carla Barber, Alba Carrillo, Anabel PantojaAna Luque, Irene Rosales or Tania Medina did not forget to congratulate them. Some have been messages full of affection. "What an illusion!", "Congratulations" or "Congratulations, couple", were some recurring responses in a publication ofInstagram with almost 40,000 'likes'.

Of course, one of the messages that has been most emotional has a clear protagonist, and she is none other than one of the daughters of the talk show host, Laura Matamoros. In German for Diego Matamoros she was one of the first to record her joy after seeing the publication. He congratulated them with several hearts, which has excited Kiko's bo, who sees how his daughter approves of his union with Marta.

As a negative note there is the fact that the rest of the brothers have not reacted to the publication. And that, as he warned Marta López Álamothe two families were the first to know the sweet news.

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