Mallorcan publisher Diana Zaforteza dies too young

Diana Zaforteza, the Mallorcan publisher Joan March's niece, has died in Barcelona at the age of 44. She, daughter of the renowned Mallorcan businessman José Zaforteza Delgado, had a fruitful career in the publishing world. In 2003 he created his own publishing house called Alpha Decay.

Diana studied Humanities in Barcelona and, at the beginning of the century, he dared to take the step with his small publishing house. A risky move, since it was a time when the big brands were taking control of the small ones. However, thanks to his cunning and good work, he knew how to earn a hole in the publishing world.

In fact, he was born under the patronage of the literary agent Carme Balcells, as he says The Spanish, but Diana will also be remembered for her other creation, Editorial Alfabia. It was created in 2008 and took charge of publishing such iconic works as the memoirs of Patt Hackett, Andy Warhol's secretary.

  1. A great loss for the publishing world
  2. A fighter to the end
  3. He leaves many projects

A great loss for the publishing world

The young editor, only 44 years old, had already come a long way in this world and was always looking to turn a corner on everything that was already established. In this way, Diana always vindicated Mallorcan authors, but also focused on recovering the classics. In addition, he played a prominent role in the beginnings of the small format book.

Photo by Diana Zaforteza

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It is, without a doubt, a great loss for publishing culture, since Diana always wanted to remember the origins; he investigated authors and works that enrich popular knowledge. His great moment, in addition to those mentioned, was the edition ofThe Raventhe mythical poem of Edgar Allan Poe.

The presentation of the same took place in Barcelona and managed to attract rock icon Lou Reed, who adapted the work along with Lorenzo Mattotti's illustrations. Diana has left us at only 44 years old, however, her work will live on in her publishers and in her good work within the literary world.

A fighter to the end

The Majorcan woman considered herself a "cultural suicide" because of her passion for literature or music. Although it was not at all easy to make her way in these areas, the pleasure of the culture led her to fight a hard battle. His intention was to get "people to enjoy and be moved like I am".

With this spirit he founded Alpha Decay in 2004, the publishing house that had the cooperation of Enric Cucurella and the support of Carme Balcells. His definitive leap into the publishing world was made with Alfabia. With this second publishing house he united the classics of literature with contemporary authors that he made known to the country.

His great support in the publishing adventure was his father, the Mallorcan aristocrat José 'Puco' Zaforteza. The death of her father, a victim of cancer, was a hard blow for her. Cruel fate wanted the same disease to take her too despite having fought with all her strength.

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He leaves many projects

The publishing world has been shaken by the premature death of Diana Zaforteza, victim of a long illness. The Mallorcan publisher leaves behind many projects that she will no longer be able to complete. During her career she proved to be a bold professional who knew how to move among the big fish.

She was a restless and stubborn woman who achieved every challenge she set herself, no matter how difficult they seemed. He managed to meet with characters such as Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed or the famous publisher Andrew Wylie. Zaforteza was also a representative of El Yiyo, whom she saw in concert and captivated her.

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