María José Campanario, sad to learn what happened at home while she was hospitalized

During the last few days, the state of health of Maria José Campanar has grabbed some title. And the fact is that, four months after having little Hugo, the dentist was admitted urgently to a hospital in Cadiz.

Likewise, as she confessed at the time, for her, this last pregnancy meant an improvement in her illness. However, a few days ago, Jesulín de Ubrique's wife again experienced the consequences of her condition.

Over the course of these days, the bullfighter has been seen coming and going from the health center with a serious face. However, there was no sign of a key relative for Maria José Campanar.

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  1. Julia Janeiro, away from her mother at a very difficult time
  2. The delicate state of health of María José Campanario

Julia Janeiro, away from her mother at a very difficult time

That's right, we're referring to the eldest daughter of Maria José Campanar, Julia January. And while the dentist was at the San Juan Grande Hospital in Jerez de la Frontera, the girl decided to stay in Madridwhere he has been residing for two years.

Without a doubt, everyone expected the young woman to travel to the city of Cádiz to meet her parents, but that was not the case. The reason for his absence could have been some matter of work, according to what has been seen on his social networks.

It must be remembered that the youngest daughter of Jesus of Ubrique lately, he has earned a recognized place as an 'influencer'. At only 19 years old, Maria José Campanar he knows that his little girl has about 230 thousand followers a Instagram. In reality, it is not surprising that it is like this because from a very young age she already aroused interest among the major media in our country.

Precisely in order not to lose her place in the world of social networks, Julia Janeiro is aware that sometimes to win you have to take risks. And this is the theory that could have applied at the time that Maria José Campanar she was hospitalized.

Also, after learning the news that the dentist was admitted to a health center, the influencer was just as active on social networks, so as not to lose the habit. In this way, he showed his followers all the steps he took: from receiving gifts from various brands to going to a beauty clinic.

Although she usually gives details about what she does during her day to day, the truth is that, on this occasion, the girl did not reveal the reason for this visit. "These days I will tell you what I have done to myself. As always, the whole team is a love", he announced.

Of course, at last, it was possible to know what the daughter of Maria José Campanar it was done that day. The young woman had an appointment to make, no less, than the laser.

So, despite the state of her mother's health, the 'influencer' decided to continue with her work as an 'influencer', fulfilling some obligations she had in the capital.

Close-up of Julia Janeiro.

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The delicate state of health of María José Campanario

As soon as Maria José Campanar became a public figure, everyone has been aware that his state of health has not been the best. The fibromyalgia problems he suffers from have played a trick on him more than once.

The last one, not including this recent one, was in June of last year, when he suffered a severe outbreak that required special care that only a hospital could provide.

Fortunately, on this occasion, the evolution of this outbreak has been good and, finally, he was able to leave the health center and continue to recover at home.

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