María Patiño can no longer take it and confirms what is really happening with the son's problems

Maria Patiño he couldn't contain his rage for a second longer and charged hard at one of the men of the moment. And it is that, after a long time in silence, the journalist could not take it anymore and explained what is really happening with her son.

This Monday, October 10, Ana Rosa's program was full of surprises and not only because of the return of its presenter to the format. In addition, Ana Rosa had the opportunity to interview one of the undisputed protagonists of the country's social press.

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After many months avoiding the media, Ortega Cano has decided to sit on the set of telecinc to answer all the accusations that Rociíto has poured on him.

And it is that, during the emission ofIn the name of Rocíothe protagonist has confessed that the bullfighter did not give his mother a good life. For this reason, José Fernando's father did not think twice when charging against the company of Maria Patiño.

"In recent years, Rocío Carrasco he has poured many infamies and disqualifications on my person, he has twisted the truth to unparalleled extremes", began the bullfighter, before assuring that he has already put the matter in the hands of his lawyers.

"For this reason, this behavior full of vileness and hatred will only have a judicial response and that justice be the one to put an end to so many lies", he pointed out immediately.

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But certainly what he left behind Maria Patiño without words were the harsh statements that Ortega made about Carrasco's children. And the fact is, the bullfighter does not understand why Rociíto has decided not to maintain any contact with Rocío i David Flores.

"His children, his brothers, what happens to them. Are they bad too, are they bad people? It's incredible what happens in this family."

Now, Maria Patiño has decided not to be silent any longer and during her last intervention in the debate ofIn the name of Rocío, has charged hard against Ortega Cano.

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María Patiño mercilessly attacks Ortega Cano

Maria Patiño he had no problem charging hard against the bullfighter after hearing his latest statements. And the fact is that the journalist cannot understand how she is able to criticize Rocío's attitude when her relationship with José Fernando is not going through one of its best moments.

This Monday night, a new chapter ofIn the name of Rocío. Before starting with the broadcast, however, Jorge Javier Vazquez and the rest of the collaborators wanted to comment on Ortega's latest televised speech.

But undoubtedly Maria Patiño he was the most critical person with the speech of Rocío Jurado's widower. As the communicator herself expressed, she refuses "to hold any adviser responsible for the actions of Ortega Cano".

"He has reflected his way of feeling and his way of seeing what follows without wanting to see. There is only one victim, whose name is Rocío Carrasco», he assured very upset.

Photo montage by Rocío Carrasco and José Ortega Cano.

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For that, Maria Patiño decided to defend, once again, Fidel Albiac's wife: "She is not with her children, not because she is not hungry".

"I Rocío Carrasco if she cried and broke down, we would make her a victim. But the moment we see a whole woman, with confidence, who speaks confidently of herself, she becomes for some an executioner because, simply, she does not cry like Ortega Cano by the sets".

After assuring that he is "fed up with us reversing the roles that everyone has in this story", Maria Patiño he again emphasized the issue of Rociíto's children and took the opportunity to send him a message on television.

"He's not there because he can't. You, if you can be with José Fernando, ask yourself why you are not with him when they give you the permits. I won't go into it anymore because it would be entering into a battle like you with her as a mother.'

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